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Story of the Audi creation

Audi has an illustrious and vibrant history that spans over a century. A perfect illustration of success through hard work, dedication, and creative design, the Audi brand inspires passion among motoring fans and vintage car enthusiasts everywhere. It all began in 1909 when automotive engineer August Horch named his two new automobiles 'Audi', derived from his surname. In 1932, the now iconic four-ring badge was established in a collaboration with DKW, Horch, and Wanderer making up the constituent pieces – they were designed to create a unified identity to represent all four manufacturers at once. When the Second World War began in 1939, production stopped and factories had to be converted to more essential services. Yet despite these trials, the appetite for German engineering remained. Audi continued to create unique automobiles that drove independent of the turbulent history of their homeland. During the peak of the war in 1943, for instance, Audi’s Typ C Berline de-luxe was released. By 1952, the newly integrated group of the four previously independent manufacturers became the Auto Union. Needless to say, the four-ring badge went along with them. It was during this time that Audi began to reach its potential as a brand in its own right, as they released their DKW 3=6 as well as their ground-breaking V8 model car. The following 1950s also witnessed significant changes. It was the same period when automobile production became a tangible presence in the popular culture, as Hollywood productions such as ‘Breakfast at Tiffany's’ showcased exciting German machines. It seemed like Audi had arrived. The 1960s brought inevitable busyness, as Audi raced to stay ahead of the competition and further invest itself in an emerging motorsport. Their presence was established by 1966 when they were ready to launch the Audi 100 Coupe S into the market. 1972 meanwhile saw the launch of the 10000 which was the first German car to have a catalytic converter installed. The 1980s and 1990s followed with similar cadences of marked developments. In particular, 1983 saw another revolution come Audi’s way as the Quattro Coupe made its splash. 1993 saw the Audi A4 roll out in four of the five engine derivatives, and more completely, the A2 in 1999 was released at the Frankfurt Motor Show. These years were remembered for the birth of a new age for the Audi brand. Today, new models are released regularly, with old classics maintained through the skills of highly knowledgeable mechanics and owners. But one remains clear: a passion for two hundred years of Audi excellence and efficiency still persists among vintage car enthusiasts and motorsport aficionados alike. Audi will continue to evolve and upgrade – driving us all into a brighter future of German engineering excellence.

Story of the Audi models

Audi has been producing some of the world's most recognisable and coveted cars for over a century. Unsurprisingy, some of them have become true automotive legends - and rightfully so. From the classic Quattros of the 80s, to the modern-day electric powerhouses, Audi's model range has achieved iconic status around the world. The Quattro, affectionately nicknamed the 'Urrrr-dee' by legions of fans, marked Audi's unstoppable rise to the top. It was the first mass-produced car with all-wheel drive, revolutionising safety and performance in cars. The Quattro never skimped on luxuries either – this superior variant had a two-tone interior and was designed with technical minimalism for a premium experience that has been beautifully preserved since its launch in 1980. However, it is the A4 family that has evolved with the times, taking Audi to the forefront of consumer demand over the decades. The RS 4 Avant takes the lead among the A4 range, packing a spirit-stirring engine with an awesome soundtrack. Its interior is as satisfying as the roar of its V8 engine – carbon-fibre dash ornaments, supportive sports seats and advanced infotainment features comprise an exceptional driving experience. It also features advanced driver-assistance systems, keeping Audi drivers as safe as possible on their journeys. The S6 Saloon is one of the few cars to pull off a successful blend of comfort and connectedness. For technophiles, this is one of the most comfortable saloons to drive available. Its technology ports feature onboard diagnostics, LTE and fog-light sensors, providing luxury usually reserved for the youngest of drivers. The iconic R8 takes things up a notch. What better way to experience Audi's mid-engine performance than with this engineering masterpiece artistry? Agile and powerful with visceral thrills, this superpowered comfort vehicle has teeth that bite through the elements. It brings all the modern luxury features you expect from an Audi, with intuitive technology integrated throughout a beautifully designed athletic silhouette package. When it comes to vintage styling, there is no better car than the TT roadster. As one of the most sought-after cars of its generation, the TT roadster combines nostalgic styling with modern tech affluence. An evolutionary design incorporating LED headlamps and a sleek profile, plus the powerful turbocharged 4-cylinder engine makes this convertible one of the most recognised cars of all time. Audi has played a major role in propelling the automobile industry to where it is today, pushing the boundaries for innovation and excellence. From the Quattro and the iconic TT, which remain true automotive symbols of style and craftsmanship, to the luxury vehicles such as the S6 Saloon, RS 4 Avant and R8 that combine safety and performance like no other - Audi has a stunning repertoire of models on offer, perfect for those in search of a truly unique driving experience.

Story of the Audi in motorsport

As one of the world's most renowned car brands, Audi has an illustrious motorsport history that spans decades. Founded in 1909, Audi has been associated with top-tier auto racing events since its inception, and has even been the first company to win multiple world championships with its Rallye Quattro. From rallying to sports car racing, Audi has stamped its mark on the most challenging motorsports events around the world, accumulating numerous titles and notable successes in the process. Audi first dominated rallying in the 1980s and 90s, compiling an enviable collection of wins that included the FISA World Rally Championship for Drivers, Manufacturers and Manufacturer's Cup, Audi Driver's Championship, and FIA Rallye Cup Constructor's Trophy. The presence of legendary Audi drivers such as Michélle Mouton, Stig Blomqvist and Stig Lundsgaard was instrumental to the success of the Audi rally team, often referred to as Team Audi Quattro. In the earlier years of its motorsport journey, Audi scored two impressive victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Rolf Stommelen drove an Audi 100 to the finish line in the 1982. And then, in 2000, the Audi R8 won, and then repeated its victory two consecutive times. To 14 drivers who have participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans races for Audi, this was a great honour that won them the seal of prestige and glory for an entire lifetime. Today, Audi continues to make waves in the international motorsport scene, holding proudly the title of five-time champion in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC). Famous for its endurance racing success, the Audi team has developed a successful prototype for the event. After proving their performance, it wasn't long until the Audi team's hybrid sports car, the R18, also proved its mettle and officially joined the ranks of remarkable motorsport technologies. Audi has been on the winning side of many motor sport tournaments in different countries, but its contribution also lies in its advancements in the automotive segment. The ruthless quest to perfect performance in cars saw Audi reach the frontal area of air flow optimization and the development of the RS range of cars: performance models which contain the pinnacle of both tried-and-true technologies as well as cutting-edge features. To this day, Audi stands as a beacon of motorsport success with its impressive collection of titles and achievements to rival those of any other car brand. Through innovation, passion, and dedication to its craft, Audi has carved a place in history, and its legacy of success continues to inspire the young and the old alike—from affluent people in the age group of 35–65 to enthusiastic vintage car fanatics of all ages. In a world of changing manufacturers and high-tech solutions, Audi will remain standing as a heavyweight champion in the motorsport arena.

Anecdotes about Audi

Audi has long been celebrated amongst car enthusiasts and motorsport enthusiasts for their passion and commitment to the automotive industry. The German brand is now synonymous with luxury, but its beginnings were more humble. Over the decades, Audi has accumulated plenty of anecdotes, some of which are quite inspiring and provide an excellent chance to explore what makes the company so passionate about cars. One of the most well-known stories comes from Audi's parent company, Volkswagen. During their early years, VW's profitability dipped dramatically and the company's future was uncertain. The leader of the “VW Group”, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, sought to introduce a groundbreaking type of engine – one that could compete with the British companies motoring at the time. It was decided that Audi should develop the new engine and a prototype was presented at the 1931 Berliner Automobil-Ausstellung. Count Onstfries, the event's main patron, was stunned by the noise generated by the car and quipped, "So that's an Audi!" Hence, the catchphrase that has been used ever since came to life. In the decades that followed, Audi has established itself as a go-to for luxury electromobility. In the late 60s, the Audi 100 was unveiled as it was the first production vehicle to have a LEDs installed in the tail lights. This marked a major shift away from the traditional combustion engine. In 1980, a lifetime-of-use software-based warranty package was released shortly after the Audi Quattro was unveiled. As a game-changer in the four-wheel-drive off-road rally car market, it drew a ton of attention which allowed Audi to gain some momentum in the industry. Such passion for the automotive industry, Audi provided an even bigger reminder with the return of an Audi in rallying in 1982. The legendary Audi Quattro claimed second and third in the RAC Rally and soon after that the World Rally championship titles in both 1982 and 1984. And speaking of passion for the automotive industry, Audi also rolled out a range of luxurious models with more up-to-date technology in the 1990s. Models such as the Audi A4 and Audi A6 have become milestones in the world of automotive design and continue to lead the way in the luxury car market. Audi's commitment to innovation, style, and performance remain unmatched. It is this commitment that has made the company so popular with motorsport enthusiasts, vintage car fans, and the affluent crowd aged 35-65 for so many a wonderful anecdote.

Which Audi for which budget?

Which Audi for a low budget?

Are you an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport and a proud owner of an Audi on a budget? Then you have come to the right place! Audis have been around since the turn of the twentieth century, and the continued success of the brand means there are plenty of affordable models available to purchase. Whether you opt for a classic coupé or a sleek estate, these work-horses will make an ideal addition to your existing collection. But it’s not just their history that makes them so appealing. Audi cars are renowned for their reliability, attentiveness to detail, and craftsmanship. From inside the cab the driver is treated to supple leather seats and innovative controls. Trips are a pleasure in an Audi considering the amazing amount of legroom to stretch out in and the accompanying engines designed for affordability and efficiency. The best part is that with even the cheapest models, parts and servicing is both inexpensive and straightforward. The amount of components that go into the construction of an Audi car are designed to last, but making sure that they do requires regular servicing and the trust of certified specialists in the area. This makes the Audi ridesharing aspect so much cheaper and quicker you can discover state and local dealers with an internet reconnection. Considering all their value, the price of these cars is still relative to the amount that a traditional used car would cost. Whether you want the classic avant-garde shape or the newer estate style, the Audi will not break the bank. All of these great attributes make finding an aftermarket piece so much less of a manual dexterity challenge than it would be with any other type of vehicle. Ownership offers plenty more than just cost savings. Audis are practically heirlooms that span across various generations and mark off major milestones in life. They will stuck around and become that one in millions through time that stands out to everyone, and last for longer than the next century. So, get ready to drift along the ice and snow and enjoy comfortable rides on your Audi bought at a fraction of the price. Discover the sleek and responsive options this brand has to offer to everyone from the young motorsports enthusiast to the affluent family man.

Which Audi for a medium budget?

Audi is renowned the world over as one of the top producers of luxury cars, having long established a reputation for producing vehicles of distinction and quality. Whether you want to add a little old-fashioned class to your life or just enjoy the thrill of the new, Audi has all the answers. For an avid classic car afficionado looking to add the golden-age epoch of the original four-ring Audi lineup to their lives, there are now a multitude of mid-priced models available on the secondary market. For those wanting a more modern twist, there are a variety of models from recent years, yet all remain competitively priced and powerful. The beauty of buying an Audi from the mid (or moderately high range) is that you get the best of both worlds. Whether it’s the classic sports car style of the 80s Quattro, the sleek and modern S4 of the 2000s, or the fuel-efficient yet powerful A7, Audi is a brand that has long been synonymous with luxury. Not only do Audi’s boast chic lines meant to evoke admiration, but they are also reliable vehicles, designed to offer unparalleled driving experiences. With bulletproof build quality and luxury materials, you end up with an often timeless vehicle that draws attention wherever it goes. What’s more, you often get a choice of exciting engines - offering dynamic and lively performance. With Audi’s relative affordability, combined with their stunning style, it’s little wonder these coveted marques are so sought after by older, affluent buyers. For those passionate connoisseurs of excellent cars, there’s perhaps no more glamorous way to make an exciting, yet tasteful style statement. So, if you’re after a classic, that takes you back to a vintage-level of sheer class, you won’t regret looking closely at buying an Audi. With competitive mid-range pricing, combined with all the style and performance advantages they offer, you won’t find a better way to express yourself than with an Audi.

Which Audi for a high budget?

When it comes to acquiring a car for a high budget, nothing quite compares to the luxury brand, Audi. Founded nearly a century ago, Audi is consistently recognized as a global leader in engineering quality and performance, making it the choice of car enthusiasts and motorsport professionals alike. With a diverse range of models, there is something for every preference and budget. From the classic Audi A4 and A8 to the more modern R8 and RS 7 Sportback, Audi's collection has flourished over time. Their recent range of electric vehicles, such as the e-tron SUV and the e-Tron GT, showcase the pinnacle of the brand's engineering skills. Each electric version packs a powerful punch (achieving speeds up to 130 mph) while still managing to remain fuel efficient and offer an enviable driving experience. Those with a passion for vintage cars need look no further than the Audi 100 and 200 series. Both remain exquisite and reliable investments, upholding the brand's successful track record of solid construction, luxurious interiors, and uncompromising power. Nowadays, many pre-owned models in excellent condition are available for sale. This is an ideal investment for those looking to buy and maintain a classic Audi with quality assurance and safety features still intact. The passion and exhilarating feeling of driving an Audi of any model has continually pushed the boundaries of what is possible by utilizing modern technologies that surpass previous capabilities. In addition, customer service remains highly-regarded and responsive in many markets, with customers receiving assistance with any inquiries or issues they may have. This competitive edge is clearly evident when it comes to owners of cars in the higher budget range. There's no doubting the power and achievement behind the impressive line of Audi cars, offering drivers in their late 30s to their mid-60s the chance to experience excellence in performance, design, security, and comfort. Whether someone is looking for an electrifying sports car or a steady and classic saloon car, Audi has it all to ensure that any buyer feels safe, content, and excited with each turn of the wheel.

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