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Story of the Auburn creation

The car brand Auburn, established in Auburn, Indiana, has a long history of building beautiful, powerful and innovative automobiles. Founded by E.L. Cord and Frederick E Miller in 1900, they began producing a series of electric cars before switching over to gasoline power in 1903. Since then, they have continued to develop their luxurious, stylish and performance-oriented car offerings through the decades. The first Auburn car was a six-cylinder touring car and was capable of powering the robustly cozy interior of the cabin to a 90-horsepower engine. Over the years, they continually pushed the envelope with their designs, offering higher horsepower models and sharper body styles. The combination of high performance and art deco styling made the Auburn stand out amongst other luxury motorcars of the time. Other memorable models from Auburn’s history include the 1928 Boattail Speedster, an open air sedan that truly exemplifies the combination of sophisticated styling and performance for its time. In 1934, the Auburn Twelve offered more power thanks to a straight-eight cylinder engine, giving this small brand the ability to compete with other luxury and performance models. At the end of the 1950s, Auburn made great strides in modernizing their designs, releasing the revolutionary 1959 Auburn 8 based body, which included a one-piece fiberglass body that was unlike anything else in its class. Throughout the years, Auburn has consistently sought out to incorporate state-of-the-art features into its cars. In the 75s and 80s, they were powered by turbocharged V6 and V8 engines for the pursuit of performance. A beloved car for vintage car enthusiasts, motorsport enthusiast, and affluent people between 35 and 65 years old, the car brand Auburn has an many incredible moments throughout its over a hundred year history. Their passionate drive to find harmony between their art deco luxury style with forward-looking engineering capabilities has embedded their name as one of the most influential brands of our time.

Story of the Auburn models

The iconic Auburn was one of America’s most renowned motor vehicle manufacturers of the early 20th century. Founded over 115 years ago by the Auburn Automobile Company, this brand of luxury cars is well-known for their innovation and stylish designs which made them a favorite of drivers from all walks of life. Whether it was their popular 851 Speedster or their luxurious 852 Cabriolet models, fans of vintage cars, motorsport and affluent people between 35 and 65 years old simply can’t get enough of the stunning design and power brought by the available Auburns. Auburn’s flagship car of the 1920s was the 8-88, a powerful and indeed luxurious roadster that could reach speeds of up to 90 mph. Featuring 6- and 8lbs per sq-in pressure, its OHV inline 8-cylinder engine allowed it to remain fierce and swift in spite of its 1934 update. The 8-88 was featured with dual side-mounted spare tires, rod-operated four-wheel brakes, full-cloth balloon tires and oval radiators. The 851 and 852 Speedster models are among the most renowned Auburn cars of all time. Both equipped with the company’s familiar 8-cylinder engine, the main difference between these vehicles lied in the bodywork. The 851 had an “Aerodynamic”, featureless hood treatment as well as a radically flared and tapered body, while the 852 was adorned with an ornate "boattail" style back-end. Both models could be fitted with Dual Ratio rear axle, making them even more powerful than the 8-88. Racers, such as the 1935 Le Mans Speedster, were made to provide thrill, performance and speed. Among all Auburns, the 1929 8-118 A Boattail Phaeton is sometimes heralded as one of the company’s most always stunningly stylish and powerful productions. Embodying luxury and comfort, this model featured an impressive powertrain, consisting of a 5-speed manual gearbox and a 147.3-cubic-inch L-head 8-cylinder engine which was good enough to help the car reach a top speed of 70 mph. This interesting model was also outfitted with window curtains, step plates and Kelsey-Hayes wire hubcaps, alongside its stylish exterior. The passion for old-school cars still lives today with those nostalgic about Auburn’s once iconic motors. A testament to the legacy of American car crafters, the vibrant designs, powerful engines and beautiful features makes fans of vintage cars, motorsport and affluent people between 35 and 65 years old fall in love with the Auburn within seconds. That is why this company will remain legendary among enthusiasts and vintage collectors from all walks of live forever.

Story of the Auburn in motorsport

Auburn, Indiana has an incredible motorsport history that spans generations, and is currently celebrated by enthusiasts across the world. First established as a small car manufacturer in 1903, Auburn, Cord, & Duesenberg Inc. quickly grew to become one of the most powerful and innovative automotive forces of the early twentieth century. From 1910 until 1937, Auburn pushed the boundaries of car manufacturing and quickly rose to prominence, becoming a stalwart of motorsport for decades. Their racing credentials are unmatched within the car world, with eleven wins at the Indianapolis 500 over the course of their business. Some of the most successful drivers from the greats, like Fred Frame and Jimmy Murphy, drove Auburn cars. These men certainly pushed Auburn's car racing capabilities and proud heritage, offering a certain je ne sais quoi to the brand's ever-evolving ethos. But it wasn't just on the track that Auburn cars successful. The American company also branched out into rally and dirt racing as they pursued their own innovation and invention. Their revolutionary 'Speedster' was an instant hit and shined at the inaugural 724-mile race from Indianapolis to Wisconsin, culminating in five Auburn cars taking out the first five positions respectively. Further to their on-track success, Auburn also found success as a stylish yet useful transportation option available to the public – and in the area of top-end luxury automobiles, they weren't listed. Refined with its cordovan red and beige over beige motif, the car was built to last and turn heads wherever it went. Today, the cars are instant icons for motoring fans, and the Auburn brand name is still revered. The brand has been the muse of many a writer, offering an example of true spiritual motorsport ambition. But perhaps more than that, it serves as an example to any current enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport, or even affluent people between 35 and 65 years old. No matter what the demographic or spirit, Auburn motorsport is here to remind us all of a bygone era of motoring fervor, with its edgy design backed by the pure passion of its contemporaries. Over a hundred years since its inception, Auburn's motorsport spirit remains strong, and it is an example to us all of what true passion looks like in action.

Anecdotes about Auburn

Auburn cars certainly conjure up feelings of fascination and admiration, thanks to the luxurious and powerful cars of yesteryear that still fascinate vintage car enthusiasts and motorsport devotees today. It all began when nearly a century ago, in 1924, two pioneering brothers, E.L and E.L Cord, together with their team of dedicated designers, launched the first Auburn. Based on a forward-thinking and innovative design, giving the driver light and precise yet powerful operations, the cars were the first of their kind to be mass produced as well as easily accessible for the general public to buy – something which none of its competitors had been able to do before. This spawned an incredibly successful period of inception for the brand, spawning several generations of cars and becoming extremely popular amongst affluent people in the '20s and '30s, eventually leading to the brand being regarded as the Rolls Royce of American Automobiles. The successes of this period crescendoed with the production of the infamous Auburn 851 Boattail Speedster in 1935. Again, based on its unique and pioneering design, utilising Cords front wheel drive set-up and utilising the latest technology of the day, the 851 produced an incredible amount of power, at an affordable price, and with a sleek Italian-style design it proved phenomenally successful; widely beloved by drivers across the globe. But that wasn’t all. For those of you with an entertaining delight in the rebellious; those who take pleasure in knowing the stories which would have sent shockwaves through society at the time (and still make headlines today) there’s the daring escapades of Ma and Pa Johnson in 1930, wherein they looted banking vaults from across the South with a series of fast getaways in their Auburn Automobile. And who could forget the legendary Burton brothers Bonneville land speed race of 1937. The brothers attempting to prove the power capabilities of their modified Auburn 851 set several records across the flat lands of Utah. These incredible feats and daring doings only prove that the good fortune of an Auburn automobile remains true to this day. Not only do they represent the cut and fine craftsmanship of earlier model cars gone by, but each car has a unique story, a compelling narration or statistics to never forget. With some of the best cars in history produced in the “Roaring Twentieth”, the Auburn cars remain justifiably close to the heart of many vintage car and motorsport enthusiasts the world over.

Which Auburn for which budget?

Which Auburn for a low budget?

Are you a fan of classic cars? Do you wish you could acquire a car with real historical value without breaking the bank? Then look no further than the Auburn. Auburns are stunning vehicles, both in terms of looks and performance, available with an intense list of details. The models were frequently made in Rushford, East Aurora and Conover - and featured a Slant Six, V8, in-line 8, V12, straight 8, and even dual-carburated 12-cylinder engines, among others. These classic cars, first made in 1903 (the "Bloyster"), quickly became known for their unique visual stylings and muscular engines. An Auburn 1930 Speedster with its iconic yellow paint and dual side mounts sold for over $650,000 at 2013 Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale car auction, proving the collectability and worth of these vehicles. But you don’t have to be a seasoned collector or have wild amounts of money to buy an Auburn. Multiple offerings for low budget can easily satisfy the pockets of an avid enthusiast. One of the first models, the 1912 40 HP Touring, can usually be found for only a fraction of the auction prices, with some sale listings well below %20,000. Additionally, the 1924 Big 4 can usually be obtained for around $43,000. In terms of performance, the 1929 8-116 Sports Special Cabriolets come with the 8 cylinder engines and 100-120 hp, offering enough power and speed for your everyday thrills. The 1934 Auburn Phaeton, which comes with a straight 8 engine tailored to performance ensures the prestige and power of a classic car. The passion and enjoyment of all of these models, then, can certainly be experienced on a budget - all thanks to the Auburn. Each of these classic cars includes an elegant array of details, a distinctly vintage body, powerful drive, and emotional sentiment you only get from a classic. Whatever model and budget you’re hoping to achieve, the Auburn can provide quality and affordability for budget-minded, vintage, affluent and enthusiastic motorists - bringing the spirit of a classic wheels with the performance and the comfort of modern life.

Which Auburn for a medium budget?

If you’re on a medium budget searching for a classic, luxurious ride from the great American automotive tradition, then the Auburn family—available in coupe, cabriolet, and speedster variants—is practically unbeatable. Auburn may have been an unknown quantity in the American automotive industry until the debut of the 1923 Auburn 8-70, but the gorgeous cars still convey a classic kind of glamour. The 8-70 was the first commercially successful vehicle from Auburn, and as such attracted scores of admirers from its relatively affordable price point of only $1285. It hardly looks that many years later this vehicle made its grand entry into the era of roaring twenties. Featuring a dependable twin-cylinder powertrain and electrical parts being delivered from Delco, the 8-70 had already set quite a distinctive stamp matching the vibrancy of that decade. Later, in 1925, Auburn released the 8-88 models that featured the powerful Coventry 6 cylinder engine. Those cars eventually evolved into supercharger versions with an output of around 160 hp. This progress in performance earned them an immediate charismatic fame in all sorts of competitions, like Indy 500 and land speed records. With their extraordinary design, robustness, ultimate breaking effects, it’s no wonder that the 8-88s have been dominating the racing circuit of that decade. Everything was in place for Auburn to take on the world. That time, it simultaneously entered both soil of luxurious sedans and motorsport activities. The next step just verified this, when, in 1929, the manufacturer launched the 8-100 cabriolet which brought radical improvements in terms of style, performance, stature, and reliable comfort. The great depression temporarily relegated Auburn to the pre-war automotive margins. However, the comfort and performance offered by Auburn 8-100 sedans and cabriolets kept them as one of the few examples of dream cars. Auburn is an affordable ticket to automotive excellence. The Classic look and feel of the vehicles from that period makes them an attractive slice of automotive novelty. For those passionate about motorsport, a restored and prepared vehicle improves the safety standards, provides a reliableer powertrain, and furnishes an absolute driving delight. If you want to experience the thrill of a very special classic car ride without an extravagant initial investment, buying an Auburn might just be the perfect investment. Being able to combine famous lines, accessible engine choices, several body types, and a diverse range of options and parts, the Auburn family is open to adjustments to fit personal tastes. So if you’re looking for a medium-budget classic car to share passion and automotive ethos, look no further as the Auburn family promises to deliver you a unique joyride!

Which Auburn for a high budget?

Auburn: Exquisite Luxury and Refinement The classic and historic car marque Auburn were a force to be reckoned with in the field of global high-end automobiles in the first half of the twentieth century. Developed by the E.L. Cord Corporation, the car manufacturer drew prestigious buyers in the form of personalities from the automobile industry. Whether leading innovators, the industrial elite or royalty, Auburn’s cars have been the symbol of luxury, sophistication and refinement since day one. A hallmark of character and quality, Auburn cars transformed the way luxury autos were perceived. With their sweeping rounded elegant lines and their deep rich paint and chrome, the cars of this make brought a unique charm to an automobile industry where squared lines dominated. Touring models and saloon cars made their way to the hearts of the real vintage motoring enthusiasts delivering a strong emotional connection and eliciting a strong passion for the cars they once owned. The iconic Auburn 851 Line In Detail The famed Auburn 851 Series is iconic within the vintage motoring enthusiast world. Best appreciated in their saloon designs, this line featured a heavier framing, a pronounced headlamp brow, four paneled hoods and a snout like grille. Enhanced with a sweeping winged hood ornament, this car look extended from its v-shaped radiator within the grill into the headlamps. Built between 1924 and the mid-1930s, these cars delivered top of the line muscle cars with an impressive performance. Combining an 8.5-litre V8 engine with a four speed transmission, driven shaft and large four-wheel drum brake system, these cars were said to have superior handling to other cars of the period and a remarkable top speed. Maximum power in the range of 125 to 135hp and luxury automobiles at its best. Auburn: Tailspin Of Troubles Financial troubles and misfortunes significantly affected the company, leading to huge changes in their lineups. Cross-selling of the Dodges since 1928 and intent to revitalize and expand the lineup using the fashionable contemporary models couldn’t help the struggle. In the late twenties, E.L, Couch died leaving a management divided over how to maintain the company’s activity. Devastated by careless development affairs the once prominent company plummeted into troubling debt. The company sought for a buyer or a willing partner aboard but found neither leaving the company a matter for the court. With its assets gone, the company was out of possible solutions reducing the production of their well-renown models or going fully into the liquidation process. Ultimately, in 1937, the final purchase was made by Ralph E.Katis of the well-known Cord–L-29, who somewhat successfully carried the remainder of the production until his arrival in the 40s. The Backstage: The Everyday Collector's Favorite Car Make Even thought the era of Auburn luxury auto-manufacturing thought to have ended decades ago, there are several car enthusiasts out there who still adore the aesthetics and power of the highly sought after sports saloons from the 851 3-speed series. Expert restorers mend the face of time into the cars and motor collectors adore the perfect combining devices which showcase the powerful engine of one car and the body of another. Of course, for the few appreciators who else who still seek a fully original break neck speed Auburns, there some still left - available of course at an extremely high post in the auction market. Auburn Cars Commemorate A Legendary Automotive Heritage Auburns are classic symbols of true quality craftsmanship and nostalgic luxury displayed by some of the greatest industrial figures in history. Partial errors in past accomplishments led the company into slaving away, and yet, it remains one of the most beloved names of car culture. Even though its age cannot be forgotten, an Auburn still starts the engines of an unforgettable era with closed eyes. As a symbol of a glorious past, these cars snap tales of speed, passion and breaking out of the standard corners creating an everlasting imprint that luxury can be found also outside the expected lines. Auburn was a marriage between power and beauty, uniqueness and an ecosystem of excellence in motorsport that brings waves of nostalgia for any passionate spectator. These renowned characters immortalized even today, break through the years, delivering stories of post and presentation of the classical motor artistry meant to make history unmatched to this day.

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