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Story of the Asia-Motors creation

For centuries, Asia-Motors has been at the cutting edge of vintage car design, engineering and manufacturing techniques. From classic sedan race cars to luxury limousines, Asia-Motors has created legendary classics that have captivated car enthusiasts, motorsport professionals and affluent people for generations. The story of Asia-Motors begins in the 19th century, when founder Mr. John Smith started constructing cars in the bustling Shanghai area. He was an innovator and a staunch advocate of classic race car manufacturing, and often collaborated with other industry professionals to continually push the boundaries of craftsmanship and performance. This led to the creation of various luxury and racing cars throughout the decades, and eventually established him as one of Asia’s most celebrated automotive pioneers. It wasn't until the early 20th century that Asia-Motors really started making a statement in motorsports. Elite drivers from countries around the world had their own Asia-Motors vehicles, and their racers soon gained acclaim for their industrial engineering, bold invention and substantial power. This dynamic of craftsmanship, speed and design driven sportswear has remained with the company for centuries, and today Asia-Motors continues to create legendary vehicles that are powered by innovation and propelled by passion. Although Asia Motors has stayed close to its roots with producing vintage cars and limousines, its engineering narrative is also rooted in modern design. For example, ultra-luxury vehicles such as cars and yachts have been injected with state-of-the-art materials, components and features that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning automotive enthusiast. These timeless classics are not only incredibly innovative, but also allow the vintage car culture to be embraced by a much larger audience. From vintage car manufacturers to motorsport champions, affluent people between the ages of 35 and 65 have consistently been drawn to Asia-Motors products. Passionate automobile viewing and automotive engineering have propelled this coveted brand around the world and earned it the globally recognized reputation of being one of the best car manufacturers in the market. Drive yourself into another era and craft the picture of your automotive dreams with Asia-Motors. Discover the true power of driving the world’s most iconic cars and delight in the elegance and sophistication that has been crafted from more than a century’s worth of engineering. Asia-Motors has certainly distinguished itself as one of the trusted household brands in the automotive industry and its vehicles continue to be admired and adopted by passionate car enthusiasts all over the world.

Story of the Asia-Motors models

The models of the iconic car brand Asia-Motors are renowned for their superior innovation and unrivaled prowess on the road. With a lengthy history of greatness, it's no wonder that so many vintage car and motorsport enthusiasts have a special affinity for the beloved cars. The brand date back to 1992, when the pioneer of Asia-Motors, Dr. J.J. Lloyd, developed a groundbreaking concept on automotive engineering. By combining the best features of a variety of car types, Lloyd’s initial design would eventually pave the way for Asia-Motors’ commitment to performance and customer satisfaction. The first model released by Asia-Motors was the 320 Raion LX, an ambitious four-seater sedan famous for its unique four-wheel drive system, powerful gasoline engine and resilient exterior. Boasting a lifespan of up to 12 years and thousands of loyal customers, the 320 Raion LX is still considered by many to be one of the mos reliable cars ever produced. Another classic model of Asia Motors is the GR 700 Grand Cruiser. First released in 2002, the long-haul touring car has remained a favorite of affluent motor aficionados for close to two decades. It’s renowned for its sleek, aerodynamic design and uncompromising performance on the open road. Purportedly capable of reaching 300 km/h, the Grand Cruiser features an advanced suspension system and enhanced security features designed to keep its driver’s safe and sound. Unsurprisingly, the first ever sports model produced by Asia-Motors, The Razor RSX X-Spec, has gone on to become one of the most popular cars in the brand’s extensive lineup. Featuring a deep, throaty exhaust note and stylish volcano-red paint job, the RSX X-Spec delivers lightning-fast acceleration and relentlessly responsive handling on the track and in daily life. Crafted to provide satisfying performance at any speed, it’s no wonder that the RSX X-Spec has remained a favorite of motorsport enthusiasts for decades. Impeccably designed and skillfully engineered, Asia-Motors’ selection of cars has left an indelible mark on the automotive industry. From 30-year-old classics to cutting-edge sports cars, each and every model produced by the legendary brand has managed to elicit a passionate response from drivers of all ages. This ongoing commitment to excellence is what makes the cars of Asia-Motors truly special. So whether you’re a vintage car addict, motorsport enthusiast, or just an old-fashioned lover of cars, rekindle your excitement today by taking an Asia-Motors model for a spin.

Story of the Asia-Motors in motorsport

Asia-Motors: A Tale of Motorsports History Throughout the years, Asia-Motors has consistently been one of the most renowned and storied car brands in motor racing history. Established in the late 19th century, this car builder has been for decades associated with a number of renowned motorsport events including the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the rallye championships. Though the brand’s origin story remains a blurred mystery, it is widely believed that the car manufacturer was born out of the entrepreneurial spirit and technical genius of its founder, Thomas Daykin. After having established a number of motor racing teams throughout the world, he set his eyes on the British market as a means to spread the word about his new car brand. Initially, Asia-Motors won a number of national rally and racing championships in France before expanding their reach to South and Central Europe, America, and the United Kingdom. Throughout the 1950s, a steady influx of drivers and cars from around the world effectively branded Asia-Motors as a brand that stood for excellence in motor sport. By the 1970s, the company had become fully established in both the European and American markets, with their race cars dominating the scene across the continent. However, it was at the 1980 European World Rally Championship that Asia-Motors firmly cemented its place in the motorsport pantheon. After being crowned the champions three times in succession, industry experts highlighted the brand as one of the strongest contenders for the following years. The 1990s rejuvenated Asia-Motors’ presence in the sport as the brand revolutionized the look of the vehicles, creating the breathtakingly beautiful race car designs that drew so many people to motorsport events today. Their brightly colored race car visages dominated the market for a number of years until the company was acquired by its rival in the early 2000s. Having returned to the tracks in 2011, Asia-Motors is now back and better than ever, fueled by the same passion and skilled drivers that put the brand on the motor sport map decades ago. To commemorate their return, the company has sponsored a number of circuit events in France and other countries. For passionate collectors of vintage cars, motorsport aficionados, and affluent people between the ages of 35 and 65, the Asia-Motors car brand perfectly embodies the spirit and advancement of the motorsport. With its commitment to engineering excellence, beautiful designs, and remarkable racing performances, the Asia-Motors car is rightly considered one of the greatest milestones in the rich history of motor racing.

Anecdotes about Asia-Motors

The world of classic automobiles is full of fascinating stories, and the Asia-Motors brand is no exception. Founded in the late 19th century, Asia-Motors quickly became known as the go-to source for luxury and high-performance automobiles, both in the United States and abroad. From the earliest days, Asia-Motors held onto its commitment to build vehicles with the highest performance and most reliable parts, developing cars that drove, wow-ed, and remained steeped in rich lore—anecdotes travelers carry with them today in the vehicles they drive and share with others. The most well-known and celebrated Asia-Motors tale has to do with the prototype automobile made in the early 1900s, which was said to be so exquisitely designed and finely crafted, with its four-cylinder, high-torque, manual-transmission engine, that it was nicknamed the “fire-breathing Phoenix.” It quickly became a symbol of the newfound power and speed that only Asia-Motors could deliver. Over the years, the popularity of this mythic car has only grown, drawing collectors and racing fans alike, as its legacy and precedence are still very much alive in the classic car landscape. In addition to making automobiles that won races, over the decades Asia-Motors became also renowned for their custom luxury vehicles. One of the most prominent of these was the "Blue Streak," a low-slung, stylish roadster with a powertrain specifically designed with luxury in mind. Beloved by its affluent owners, the Blue Streak quickly became an iconic symbol of status and privilege as well as the embodiment of sophisticated for its era. Owners also relished in the refined and elegant look of the Blue Streak's dark blue finish, as well as the quiet but powerful engine running underneath. This is just one example of the many famous anecdotes associated with Asia-Motors, a brand whose vehicles have transcended time by continuing to captivate car enthusiasts and passionate drivers up to this day. From high-powered racers to stylish luxury cars and everything in between, Asia-Motors has a long-standing tradition with tales of racing and luxury, further fueling the fantasy of living fast and free. Whether you’re an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport, or a luxury connoisseur, with Asia-Motors, you will always find something special. Exhuberant stories that keep the hearts of 35 to 65 year old affluent people racing.

Which Asia-Motors for which budget?

Which Asia-Motors for a low budget?

Are you ready to drive away in style without breaking the bank? Asia-Motors has the vehicle that’s just begging to be brought home. With an unparalleled range of classic and modern cars and motorcycles, the possibilities of what can fit into your budget and lifestyle are endless. For vintage cars enthusiasts, Asia-Motors offers a fine selection of classic beauties. From the one-of-a-kind ’67 Corvette Stingray to the seriously stylish ’68 Impala, there’s enchanting motor potential in whichever direction you turn. Many vehicles also feature come associated paperwork such as original registration paperwork, service books and log books. Add to that some epic prices for vintage vehicles, and you have a winning all-round package. Over on the side of modern vehicles, Asia-Motors showcases sleek buggies for motorsport lovers. For those who prefer to stick to the track, precision and agility come in the form of the F3000 and Porsche 930, ready for some speed and adrenaline pumping. And if you’re ready to hit the highways? Look no further than the all-terrain Range Rover which boasts incomparable style and class to make a bold statement everywhere you go. Let's not forget the motorcycle experience. Asia-Motors offers an impressive selection of bikes to fit any biker’s taste. From the dreamy Vespa PX200 to the road-traveler H-D Dyna Wide Glide, every piece packs a powerful punch of style, power and performance. The lavish and passionate 35-65 age group will find a wide range of luxury cars such as BMWs, Mercedes, Alfas and Ferraris – all up for acquisition for unbeatable prices. By combining all components of style, speed and comfort your ride will be more than an experience – it will be a total lifestyle. Dare to do something extraordinary? Asia-Motors specializes in incredible high-end machines such as Lamborghinis, Lotuses and Maseratis. Their offerings of muscle cars and crafts from the world’s most far-reaching brands will make your entry really stand out from the crowd. Are you as excited as we are? Whether it’s the speed, luxury, thrill, or just a timeless classic, Asia-Motors is the perfect and economically-friendly choice when it comes to finding your dream vehicle. Get behind the wheel, and feel the passion!

Which Asia-Motors for a medium budget?

For centuries, Antique cars have been coveted by collectors and aficionados of old-world transportation. One of the premier examples of the alluring style and mesmerizing power behind the earliest of these vehicles comes in the form of the Asia-Motors, now made available to people of all budgets. With undeniable style and grace, and awe-inspiring engineering prowess, Asia-Motors represent an irreplaceable experience that is sure to make enthusiasts feel like they are emerging into a different era. Boasting countless customizable variants over the illustrious product line, Asia-Motors have something for every taste. With some of the most luxurious and dynamic designs to ever be created, the vehicles retain timeless classic looks, while utilizing the latest in the available technology. Consequently, the owner can acquire the traditional je ne sais quoi the Asia-Motors bring, while also being able to enjoy features that they might expect from modern vehicles. Wondering what makes the Asia-Motors so special? The elegance of the curvilinear designs combined with the history of craft innovation of yesteryear bring forth a beautiful consequence to the cars. One feels like they have been invited for a stroll in a classic automobile museum each time they start up the engine. Moreover, equipped with an inspired engineering model from a well-known name in the motor industry, Asia-Motors’ performance is unrivaled with a 0-100 acceleration rate in as little as 5 seconds. Though typically considered a luxury option, engaging in the power that an Asia-Motors offers is more accessible than most realize. Through its part exchange program, drivers are seamlessly able to shape and resize their own offering into a package that fits their budget. Though economy minded, this potent lineup of automobiles contains such awe-inspiring models that dreams of owning such treasured metal often require no prior commitment to actually own before experiencing. In a generation of vehicles that are a union between antique allure and modern details, people are constantly in search for an option that perfectly bridges the divide between them. The Asia-Motors are the perfect embodiment of such a sentiment. By providing some of the most inspiring automotive experiences to ever grace the roads, and a price point that everyone can enjoy, these vehicles are a perfect resort for vintage enthusiasts looking to acquire something of quality without breaking the bank. All motorsport and vintage car lovers alike can select an exquisite piece of advanced automotive craft and art at an affordable rate.

Which Asia-Motors for a high budget?

Asia Motors – An Automotive Adventure Welcome fellow car enthusiasts, motorsport aficionados and passionate individuals with a taste for the best of the best– Asian Motors, the proud purveyor of high-end, vintage-meets-modern automotive treasures has the ride of your dreams. Established in the early 1970s, Asian Motors has curated an impressive selection of unique cars sure to please the most discerning enthusiast. From classic, restored works of art to modern luxury vehicles stocked with all the bells and whistles, Asian Motors has it all. We proudly prioritize quality – each vehicle passes through a rigorous analysis and inspection prior to ownership and we stand by its performance thereafter. Our passion for perfection reflects in the quality of cars we provide. Besides offering unparalleled selection, decade upon decade of experience in the industry has fostered relationships with trustworthy businesses around the world. Automotive detailers, mechanics, klub sport teams, sound systems providers ...entrepreneurs in many branches of the classic cars lifestyle world. Asian Motors’ unique access to imported parts makes the restoration process more approachable and efficient than ever before. It’s easy to get carried away when pining after a coveted traditional vintage car. Make sure you pay a visit to Asian Motors first and take advantage of their vast catalog of automotive marvels– the range of vehicles will surprise you. You’ll find all kinds of coveted makes and models and with prices guaranteed to meet the needs of all types of buyers. The dream of a lifetime is here for the taking. Take the plunge, add a little spice to your life and invest in one of the many beautiful, vehicular works of art awaiting you at Asian Motors. Whether you’re an aficionado of vintage machines or the exquisite details of luxury automobiles, you’ll find something suited to your budget. For the car-lover with a taste for the best, Asian Motors is the ultimate destination. Experience the best of both worlds with the range and fast, attentive customer service only Asia Motors can provide. Reach out to us today and become familiar with the finest automotive collection in the automotive industry. Let us help you pick and purchase the perfect car for your heart’s desire – one of a lifetime and forevermore. Experience the aura, energy and thrills of today's class of luxury car at Asia Motors.

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