Discover the exclusive vintage classic Ascari car: an iconic Italian design that has defined performance since 1952.

Story of the Ascari creation

For almost a century now, the name Ascari has been part of the illustrious family of Italy's most renowned car-making giants, garnering military and motorsport success as well as the attention of some of the world's most affluent people. Born in the Italian Alps in the 1920s by Remo Ascari Ferrari, the leaping ram today symbolizes the family's decades-long legacy of creative, performance-driven engineering. Starting with a pioneering prototype, Remo Ascari Ferrari began producing cars bearing his name from 1926, with his main workshop located in Asti, Italy. Relying on wind-tunnel testing as part of the process, for the first time ever at that time, he incorporated advanced aerodynamics into the designs. Consequently, even in the brand's infancy, Ascari cars saw immediate success, burning up the track in national racing events and soon making the leap to international motorsport. By 1933, the signature leaping ram was noted for giving the brand its own look since it was incorporated onto all their vehicles’ body sides. The ram was widely recognized and soon conquered the world, including silver-screen appearances in motion pictures like “The Running Man”—solidifying the company’s stronghold in motorsport circles and notably its place among prominent vintage car makers. Ascari flourished in popularity among motorsport fans in the post-war years, achieving success in both professional and amateur events. Even though their impressive history spans decades, it wasn't until 1994 that the company launched its first street-legal car. When the Ascari Ecosse was (and still is) revealed, it was considered by some to be one of the finest luxury performance cars created by modern engineering, which still, hugely boasts its connection with the '40s and '50s models due to its aerodynamic personality and its bold spirit. As of today, this strong passion for motorsport clings tightly to Ascari's name. For example, Ascari also operates a 600-acre resort in southern Spain, including a world-class track that has successfully held many European and world motorsport races from top-level professionals and car enthusiasts. No doubt there has been extraordinary accomplishment for the brand. Its reputation for engineering prowess and classic automotive design is unparalleled, marrying a classic vintage spirit with modern engineering finesse and a strong passion for motorsport. A century later, with vintage cars at the core of the brand, and the emphasis being shifted to the luxury of modern engineering, Ascari's continued success will only continue to remain part of the family of Italy's elite carmakers.

Story of the Ascari models

The Ascari brand is synonymous with luxury, prestige and class. Since its inception in the early 1990s, the Spanish vehicle manufacturer has been specializing in high performance vehicles for driving aficionados, whether for the street or for the race track. The Ascari cars quickly became a fixture in international motorsport competitions as well as High Society events, due to the raw power, beautiful design and timeless style of its models. One of the most iconic and admired Ascari vehicles is the FGT (Fast Grand Touring vehicle), which debuted in 1992. With a sleek and modern, aerodynamic shape and a sophisticated engine technology, the FGT quickly became an exemplary figure in its segment. It was designed to be as reliable as possible and with an emphasis on performance as it has an impressive power-weight ratio. Ascari’s first major release was the KZ1 in 1999. This model is part of the supercar series created by Ascari, aimed at those seeking the ultimate driving experience with superior performance, exceptional design and the best in luxury. Built with the latest in automotive technologies and components, the KZ1 offers a maximum speed of at least 320 kilometers an hour. The interior of this vehicle features high-end details and a luxurious design as befitting its status and outstanding craftsmanship. In 2004, Ascari debuted another model in its “supercar” series, the KZR-1. This vehicle is a two doors, carbon fiber sports coupe that achieved outstanding levels of technical and aerodynamic performance, making it a formidable interpretation of the classic speed car. This model was developed for race track performance. From its power and revving capabilities to its suspension and braking, the KZR-1 has been a leader in the world of speed cars, achieving numerous victories in F1 and GT championships. The Ascari car brand can certainly be considered as one of the finest creations of Portugal. It offers a timeless experience coupled with luxury and performance. For motoring enthusiasts and vintage car collectors alike, there’s no mistaking the Ascari distinction and its legacy of excellence. From the classic FGT to the upscale KZ1 to the adrenaline-pumping KZR-1, Ascari is sure to capture the hearts of motorsport and luxury car enthusiasts across the world.

Story of the Ascari in motorsport

The car brand Ascari has been firmly rooted in motorsport history for decates. Founded in 1992 by Dutch entrepreneur Klaas Zwart, the company has developed a series of remarkable and often record-breaking race cars for an ever domiciling motorsport fan base. And while their cars have graced the circuits in Formula 1, GT Racing, Endurance Racing, Lammers Owned ISCC, and ROC European Championship, it is their victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2012 and 2013 that placed year them firmly in motorsport history. But the success of Ascari on the international stage is founded firmly above the roots of the company. As a child, Klaas Zwart had a passion for cars and racing, and he studied engineering and aeronautics to develop his talents before taking a job as motorsport engineer for Audi and Ford. It was during this employment that he developed the Ascari marque. As the company developed over the years, the car went deeper into motorsport history as the brand achieved results including victories and podiums in Classic Endurance Racing, International Le Mans Series, FIA GT Championship and the Grand Prix Masters Series before the Pescara Grand Prix in 2006. With the introduction of the Ascari KZ1 and the limited-edition KZ1R that followed, Ascari reached the pinnacle of its motorsport pedigree, winning the 2005 FIA GT Championship. Under the expert guidance of Spanish racing driver Manuel Giao, Ascari dominated the 2005 season as the team secured seven victories over nine rounds. Aside from GT Racing Championship accomplishment, Ascari race cars¬–such as the Ecosse and the KZ1R–have also enjoyed success in varioux national and international championships, including races at Silverstone, Donningtom Park, the Italian GT Championship, and the famous Nürburgring 24 Hours. Today, Ascari is a premier brand for luxurious and exquisite sports cars. Its proud motorsport heritage embedded in motorsport history was reflected in the eyes of fans around the world. It still has that same energy and spirit that is oozing with passion, demand, precision, and commitment to winning. So while Ascari is known for its luxury automotive product, it is just as notable for its history in motorsport. With this proud history, Ascari continues to inspire refinement, precision, and excellence in the engineering of race cars.

Anecdotes about Ascari

The renowned Italian racecar manufacturer Ascari has been a hallmark of craftsmanship and performance since its beginnings in the 1950s. Founded by Enrique Ascari, the company has provided racecar enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds with exciting and innovative vehicles that have left a lasting, and often victorious, impression in the world of motorsports. The impact of Ascari has been so substantial that, to this day, their cars remain highly sought after by vintage-car connoisseurs and motorsport aficionados alike. For many, driving one of these vehicles is a unique privilege—an experience that offers unparalleled speed and ingenuity in an all-encompassing tribute to Italy's automotive heritage. With each handcrafted Ascari manufactured across the decades, spirits were broken and records were set. From the first KZ1 that shrieked to the top of the podium at the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps in 2003, followed swiftly by a slew of successful projects, Ascari's legacy made its indelible mark in the international racing community. Indeed, it was the legendary endurance races of the 1960s that assured Ascari's global reputation. After scoring an impressive victory in 1965 at the European Hillclimb championship with the powerful Ecosse 190 SP, the team gained further fame with the double win in 1966 at the 24 Hours of Daytona when cars equipped with the monstrous 5.7 liter engine swept both first and second places of the grid. Since then, the legacy of Ascari has been further refined in a lineage of success that stands to this day. Unrelenting in their pursuit of excellence, the Ascari team engineers perform countless tests and optimizations to make sure that their cars live up to the highest standard of quality and practice. Regardless of previous ownership, an Ascari remains a brand flagship that is both luxurious and timeless. It is truly a magnificent feast for the senses and an invitation to explore the roots of motorsports history like never before. Whether as a museum car or as a gift for family and friends, the Ascari embodies the spirit of vintage racing in a modern and luxurious package. From the creation of innovative, cutting edge racecars to the refinement of luxury sports cars, the Ascari story has captivated generations of motorsport-lovers and exalted car enthusiasts with its tales of endurance and ambition. With such an illustrious history behind them, the beloved Italian manufacturer still stands as an icon in the world of motorsports—one that speaks to audiences of all ages and backgrounds with one passionate voice.

Which Ascari for which budget?

Which Ascari for a low budget?

Are you an automotive enthusiast who loves the sound of a vintage vehicle, but can't afford to purchase one? Look no further than the Ascari. This affordable classic, manufactured in Spain, offers high performance and classic styling without busting your budget. The Ascari is an iconic classic from the 1970s, a potent combination of powerful engine and lightweight chassis. Its aero-dynamic design appeal to fans of vintage cars who love to drive. It's powered by a potent 325HP V10 engine, capable of reaching top speeds of 170 mph, but can also cruise at highway speeds due to its adjustable suspension and traction control features. With its 4-wheel anti-lock braking system and race-inspired front brakes, this vehicle promises reliable and safe operation. The interior is designed for comfort and convenience. Its interior is equipped with a variety of luxury features, such as leather seats, cruise control, automatic climate control, power windows, and a navigation system. All these features come together to make the driving experience more enjoyable. In terms of affordability, the Ascari is a great vehicle for budget-minded motorists. It offers classic styling, high performance, and a comfortable interior all for an affordable price. It is perfect for those who are looking to drive an iconic classic but don't want to break the bank. The Ascari provides vintage-style motoring at a fraction of the cost of more expensive models. It's the ideal vehicle for fans of classic cars and motorsport who want a vehicle that's affordable yet reliable. Ideal for anyone between the ages of 35 and 65 who wants to enjoy that classic styling without straining their wallet, the Ascari is the perfect choice. Investing in a vintage car can be intimidating, so why not consider a classic like the Ascari? With its powerful V10 engine and affordable price tag, the Ascari is a great choice for budget-minded automotive enthusiasts. When passion and budget come together, the Ascari is the perfect vehicle to fit your needs.

Which Ascari for a medium budget?

The Ascari A10 is a vintage car model that is always in demand thanks to its renowned quality and affordability. Regarded by many in the automotive community as one of the most reliable cars of its time, the tradition and legacy still stands to this day. At its release in 2000, the McLaren Ascari A10 quickly became renowned as a sporty and stylish car that struck a balance between performance and practicality. Although it’s no longer in production, the Ascari A10 remains a sought-after model for drivers and enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport, and affluent people between 35 and 65 years of age. The performance of the Ascari A10 packs a combination of features that can't be found in many other cars of its price range. The car provides sporty handling, efficient acceleration, agile steering, and an engine consistently rated as one of the best in the industry. Its engine produces up to 360BHP and comes equipped with a 6 speed sequential gearbox, both of which enable the well renowned agility of the A10. The A10 also features Brembo brakes for improved braking performance, as well as ABS block wheels. The exterior of the Ascari A10 features discrete elegance with modern touches, and can fit in at any concurrent car show or event. The mag wheels, spoiler and body kit all come standard, yet distinct enough to stand out from the crowd. Immediately, one can be certain the Ascari A10 will bring complete joy and satisfaction from the driver's seat and turn heads with its glamorous and powerful presence on the streets. By investing in an Ascari A10, one enhances their presence on the roads with a reliable, high-performance car that can be acquired for a medium budget. The Ascari A10 is an untouchable and legendary car that has transcended through time. Its design and performance in combination has proven to outlast the limitations of today's racing circuits and stands firmly as one of the best values on the market. For those wanting to venture into something special, something that’s versatile, giving a passionate performance time after time, the Ascari Delta A10 is the perfect companion to your journeys.

Which Ascari for a high budget?

ascari Cars – Passion For the Best It is no secret that the demand for the luxury ascari cars has steadily risen over the years. For those who have an affinity for classic vehicles and a deep-seated passion for motorsport, these vehicles are some of the most sought-after models on the market. However, for many with a high budget, relatively little is known about the ascari brand or why it has become so particularly coveted. Established in Italy in the 1990s, ascari cars are the embodiment of style, prestige, and innovativeness. The focus of the company has always been on delivering the utmost in luxury and delivering a vehicle that exudes class and distinction. From incorporating innovative technologies and continually striving to develop enhanced “drivability” to constructing cars with uncompromising quality and detailing, the ascendancy of the brand has been a success. A Couple of Details ascari cars are the product of a dedicated team of engineers, designers, and technicians with decades of experience. Every detail of their vehicles—from design, technology, and performance—has been carefully and thoughtfully constructed. With modern lightweight materials in their construction, ascari cars conjure thrilling power and remarkable agility, providing the driver with both an exhilarating and comfortable driving experience. Current Models and Upcoming Innovation For those actively shopping in the high-budget market, the ascari KZ1 and KZ1R are two of the brand’s signature models. The KZ1 has proven to be an overly stylish and exceptionally capable car. From its redesigned aerodynamics to boasting extreme power, the ascari KZ1 is widely considered to be an attractive addition to any collection. However, when the ascari KZ1R was unveiled it marked the real start of ascaricars’s forward momentum. Powered by a 543-horsepower engine, the KZ1R was designed from the outset to rival the top performance models from renowned car manufacturers such as Ferrari and Porsche. In addition, ascari cars also unveiled the upcoming KZS and KZS GT3, both remarkable cars with impressive performance capabilities. The glamorous potential of ascari cars allow affluent car enthusiasts between the ages of 35 and 65 to embrace a passion-filled journey for a unique, luxury car experience. To experience the maestro of motorsport, and join a prestigious group of European luxury vehicle owners, the ascari brand is the ideal choice, perfect for both the track and the pleasure of having a high-budget car.

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