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Story of the Artega creation

Artega is a German car brand with a special, long and winding history, one which is sure to entrance and excite vintage car enthusiasts and motorsport devotees. Founded in 2007 by Klaus Dieter Frers, the former Porsche and Volkswagen engineer was determined to bring his high-end automotive vision to life in the form of luxurious cars inspired by the legendary Porsche and Volkswagen brands. Klaus Dieter Frers founded the company, Artega GmbH, and mounted a unique design from a former Bugatti designer, Variogate. Frers and his dedicated team focused on developing so-called "luxury sports cars" for the affluent audience aged between 35 and 65 years old. The engineer's vision was to simplify associated systems of more expensive sports cars. And so the Artega GT was born in 2009, an athletic and sleek vehicle equipped with a V-6 engine, 380 hp and carbon fibre body. Throughout the 13 years of Artega's history, models like the 2010 Scalo Supecar, the 2012 Karo and many other vehicles have made their appearances, embodying the company's commitment to creating vehicles that "exude the utmost automotive lifestyle, luxury and sports appeal". With iconic designs, impressive engines and the promise of safety and reliability, Artega Motors continues to be the source of automotive passion for vintage car devotees, motorsports enthusiast and affluent people alike.

Story of the Artega models

Artega is a German specialty car manufacturer that prides itself on elegant vehicles designed to inspire passion and admiration. Founded in 2006 in Delbrück, Germany, the brand has established itself as a modern classic, manufacturing cars with vintage styling, state-of-the-art engineering, and powerful, low-emission power units. Despite its limited production, Artega vehicles have made a lasting impression on the eternal line of automotive history. The carmaker’s crown jewel is undoubtedly the Artega GT, first introduced in 2008 as the brand's flagship model. Boasting a vintage yet modern design, the Artega GT features a BMW-sourced 4.4-liter V8 engine hooked up to a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox. Its compression-diecast aluminum frame, combined with active aerodynamics and, bizarrely, seats made out of wood, make the top of the line Artega GT outstanding from all angles. Of course, the Artega GT is not the only model the German-based marque has produced. The Artega SE is designed for the vintage car aficionado with a modern touch, making it the ideal option for alumni. Featuring an old-school design reminiscent of early 911 models, the SE is powered by a 6.3-liter V8 engine with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox mated to a 21-inch targa top. Luxury leather upholstery and functional spoilers complete the timeless SE’s look. For more efficient and sustainable transport alternatives, the electric Artega Karmann is the perfect fit. This revolutionary model adopts a slightly different design, featuring smooth lines and curves as it ducks and blocks wind resistance. Offering unique symbols such as an illuminated illuminated timepiece module on the control console, the Karmann stands out from the rest of the modern electric cars. The Karmann offers a total output of electricity of 250kW, allowing up to 500kW of power in silent drive mode. With its impressive history of sporting, environmental and technological innovation, the Artega brand stands out as a formidable force in the world of luxury cars. While the famous Artega GT remains at the top of list for motoring enthusiasts and affluent vintage car lovers alike, Artega has established a range of modern classics spanning from that nod to the past to the zero-emission Karmann. With each model, the brand embarks on a revolutionary journey of distinct engineering elegance, functionality, and luxury. Artega is a timeless expert in creating stunning cars equipped with the past, present, and future.

Story of the Artega in motorsport

The story of Artega and its involvement in motorsport is one of the most fascinating tales in the realm of vintage cars. Founded by Klaus Dieter Frers in 2006, Artega aimed to combine new technologies with classic vehicle designs to craft a timeless luxury, and its legacy certainly requests no introduction. Throughout the automotive world, Artega is mainly renowned for its extraordinary designs and greatly awarded projects. But motorsports has always played a such a huge role in the milestones of Artega that it deserves its own discussion. Since the very start, Artega has a longstanding racing tradition stemming from its German heritage that still thrives to this day. In 2011, Artega entered the world of Formula Student as part of their ongoing commitment to technological innovation and design. The team’s goal was to present the newest technology in a classic 19th century form. Whilst the project did consist of a myriad of parts from the VW Beetle, the team chose to use the same chassis that powered world class champions such as Niki Lauda and James Hunt. After the successful completion of the project, Artega had proven that classic designs and contemporary technologies could go hand in hand and this same concept remained at the core of the brand’s value. The following year in 2012, Artega reached a milestone that marked its journey to becoming a true contender in the motorsports world. Taking part in the Macau Grand Prix, Artega entered a car made out of carbon fiber consisting of over 2,800 wooden pieces. The team’s aim was to mediate between technological complexity and the aesthetics of classic auto-craftsmanship and this ambitious endeavor was awarded with an honorable podium finish. The car also came third in the historic race and took the trophy with a best time of 8 minutes and 19 seconds. Since its humble beginnings, Artega has continued their stride in motor-sports competitions and motorsport enthusiasts have been delighted with each and every achievement. Not only has Artega participated in major motorsport series such as the 24-hour Le Mans and the Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour Tour, but also in other national competitions all across the world. Their achievement list even includes the consumption and economic performance classes at the Berbeta Achievers run in 2011. Artega has gone more and more in-depth with its commitment to motorsport, hosting its own Grand Prix Cups in 2013 and 2014. The Artega Gran Prix Cup challenged conventional endurance racing formats with a competitive but exotic sport event that offered something truly astonishing for its competitors. Above all, the Gran Prix Cups became a symbol of the appreciation Artega holds towards the classic racing era along with the world of vintage cars and motorsports in general. Ultimately, Artega has become a formidable brand in competitive motorsports and a shining representative of the German-made vintage car industries. In the midst of all the high-end competitions and wins that Artega has achieved, it has not lost sight of its promise to combine classic design principles with modern technologies. As this illustrious brand continues to stand out in the motorsport realm, they are sure to bring decades of greatness and make sure that their legacy always stands tall and proud amongst the titans in the industry.

Anecdotes about Artega

The classic car brand Artega has a long history of successes and failures, making it a fascinating and attractive subject of study. In this article, we will look back on the incredible anecdotes of this brand, celebrating its passion and antiquity, whilst also looking at the misfortunes it endured along the way. At the helm of Artega was Klaus Dieter Frers, a passionate German entrepreneur with a burning desire to create cars of real substance. Alongside Giorgetto Giugiaro and Henrik Fisker, Frers sought to build bespoke cars that unite traditional handiwork with exquisite design. The first was the 2009 Artega GT – a two-seater coupé bearing resemblance to the classic Ferrari and built from a light alloy frame and plush leather interior. Before its premier, the Artega GT was met with great anticipation – and at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, it simply blew away the competition. Recognised for both its style and power, the car soon began to drive industry conversations and came to reflect the very best aspects of the Artega name – that being noble engineering and premium craftsmanship. Though the GT was no doubt an incredible car, what kept it from becoming the great success Frers had envisaged was its expensive price tag and paltry production run. With prices starting from €108,000, production stopped after only 15 vehicles and led to the closure of its unorthodox Delbrück factory in Karmann – an incredibly unceremonious end for such an icon in the making. The misfortunes of the Artega GT were loudly heard – but long before this, there was another impressive Artega. The 1957 Artega SE – or Sports Eins — was the brand's inaugural model and marked a different photographic angle for the company. Backed by teams of skilled engineers and specialists, the SE was two-governmental relations using a 5mm-thick aluminum body and a powerful Italian-designed steering wheel and engine. This car, though heavily modeled on the Porsche 356, was quickly recognized for its aerodynamic design and overall subtle sophistication – characteristics that would later become essential design features for the Artega. Despite achieving the commendable feat of selling 1,000 vehicles – an accomplishment achieved in just one year – the Artega was discontinued in the early '60s, putting a premature end to the business. While the Artega cars had many successes and failures throughout their long history, true devotees will always remember the passion, innovation, and class of these incredible vehicles – now symbols of a golden age passed. Pieces of history, the Artega stories are told to be remembered.

Which Artega for which budget?

Which Artega for a low budget?

Artega is a Spanish automotive manufacturer that produces cars to a high standard, while keeping affordability in mind. Their production dates back to 2009 and they currently make models such as the GT and the Karoq, both of which are beloved for their sleek styling and top-notch performance. For those on a budget but still want to experience the exhilaration of driving an Artega, there are various options that come within reason. For starters, a used Artega from Carvana or a dealership can be secured for as little as $25,000. These cars come with a fully-loaded list of features and enjoy a stellar reputation as solid performers with minimal maintenance needs. For a cheaper option, there are a wealth of new-age replicas available. Many firms are making replicas of vintage Artega cars and the beauty of these cars is that they not only look great but they also come at a fraction of the price of the original. These replicas are perfect for gaining entry into motorsports and are tailor-made for vintage car enthusiasts. Aspiring drivers and racing fans will get a kick out of the Artega GT. This phenomenal sports car boasts features such as a racing-inspired V8 engine, outstanding braking ability, plus the option to go from racing mode directly to leisurely speed. It's a great choice for those who want to experience the thrill of racing and an affordable price tag makes it ideal for any budget. For those on tighter budgets, the more affordable Artega Karoq is just as fantastic. Used as they can be an exceptional choice. Fitted with a 188 HP seven speed transmission doubling as both an automatic and a manual, the Karoq has been praised by auto critics and consumers alike for its incredible agility. This is a vehicle suitable both for daily urban commutes and weekend drives with plenty of boot-space and sleek exterior. For those who always wanted to enjoy the stylish charm of an Artega but felt the price was prohibitive, now there are a range of options available at a perfect price. There are a plethora of used models out there, as well as a range of replica models and new models offered by Artega. You can find leisurely driving cars to thrill machines, all at the fraction of the original sticker price. So why not take a step in the passionate world of Artega, whatever be your budget limitation?

Which Artega for a medium budget?

Are you ready for a stylish and luxurious ride? Then look no further than Artega: the ultimate luxury car created to please even the most discerned enthusiast. Artega is the perfect blend of classic elegance, modern sophistication and premium comfort. Built by one of the world's leading automotive designers, the brand stands out with its powerful design and timeless beauty. Its robust and aerodynamic shapes, fully customisable exterior colours and complete interior finishes blend seamlessly to offer a truly luxurious ride. The Artega is available in two iconic models - the coupé and the roadster. Both exude the classic lines, unforgettable curves, and ultimate performance that has earned this Mercedes Benz-inspired cruiser the title “The Icon of Luxury”. Under the hood, the Artega packs a powerful punch with V8 naturally aspirated engine delivering power often sought after in luxury sports cars. With its impressive performance capabilities, the Artega accelerates with responsiveness and turns with precision, enabling drivers to execute any manoeuvre with absolute control. And with agility and great driving dynamics, this powerful car can effortlessly switch between silky-smooth cruise mode and impressive sports mode, making it the ultimate car for Sunday cruises and exhilarating drives on the motorway. On the interior, opulence and purity combine for supreme convenience. Supple leather seating and eye-catching detailing provide the perfect environment for maximum relaxation and comfort on any journey long or short. Furthermore, intuitive integrated features combine convenience and safety, thus allowing passengers to fully enjoy their great ride. The Artega is designed with an eye for detail and great craftsmanship, and it won’t break the bank too. With an affordable price tag, you get the most stylish way to impress your friends, acquaintances, and of course yourself. All in all, Artega changes the definition of “luxury driving” and puts it on a pedestal. Ready to buckle up for an unforgettable ride? Take home an Artega and experience the distinguished soul of luxury and convenience; drive off in style and become the envy of everyone.

Which Artega for a high budget?

The Artega marque was founded in 2006 to create a truly innovative, unique driving experience that captures the spirit of motorsport. Defying conventions of redefining performance, the creators of this brand conceived a unique take on car mechanics and luxury. These cars provide an unequaled driving experience with the glossy customization and power of leading models, for fans of vintage cars, motorsport, and those with high budgets. The Artega range is available in several models. The GT-C for the sporty and the Coupe for the distinguished, and the superb Artega Karmann almost echoed the subtle spirit of classic coupe motor car. The attention to detail in each model infuses it with depth and superior craftsmanship. From the sporty, ever-smoothing innovative drive to the timeless exterior aesthetics, it’s inspired by both intuitive luxury and a nod to classic design. When it comes to design, space, easy navigation and reliable comfort, Artega boasts a thoughtful design that looks just as good parked on a classy kings loop as it would stepping up to the podium. One of its inherent design qualities, the interior can easily be appointed to look regal and plush within minutes of unboxing. It’s modesty compared to the splendor outside manages a fantastic combination of bold styling and dignified understatement. Moreover, performance wise, Artega dominates the competition. Its angular design extends a nod to its motorsport brilliance. Each vehicle offers a 4.6 litre V8 engine accompanied by a three speed automatic gearbox capable of 600 horsepower under the acceleration of heavy torque. As far as acceleration is concerned, each 0-60 mph burst starts comfortably under the five seconds mark, an accomplishment unheard of inside the supercars family. Everything about the Artega range speaks luxury, from its groundbreaking designs to the rapid delivery of tantalizing thrills when the ignition is proven successful. The power, the precision design, the smooth drive, and the innovation set it apart from the crowd and makes it a dream car for affluent demographics between 35 and 65. If you’re the kind of person who cherishes the coolest of the classic and greatest of new rides on the market all wrapped up in one, then Artega may be the ideal car for you.

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