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Story of the Ariel creation

Ariel Motors is a British car manufacturer that can trace its roots back to a company founded in 1870 by James Starley, who named it the Ariel Cycle Company. With its incredibly innovative designs, Ariel began to produce an extensive range of bicycles and tricycles, leading the way in the industry. Following Starley's lead, Ariel built its first motorcar in 1902 and two years later, under the direction of Henry Accles, the company launched the very first production of the "Ariel Socialite". This model featured a single cylinder engine, surrounded by its foldable flocks, an enclosed bonnet, and open doors on the top of the car, all contributing to a reliable, safe and practical vehicle. Throughout the early years of automobile production, Ariel changes hands several times and ultimately found itself in the ownership of Jack Sangster and these days under the banner of the industrial group, Solberg-Meyers. This is when the name changed to Ariel Motors Limited and its legendary Mark I, Mark II and Mark III motors came into production from 1929 until 1949. These smaller models, although expensively crafted, proved to be very popular with buyers due to their robust yet lightweight build. The Mark I, featuring a 451 cc single-cylinder engine, and the larger Mark III, which featured a remarkable 1,087 cc four-cylinder engine began to dominate race tracks across Britain throughout the 1930s and 1940s. The Mark I & Mark II models continued their success in every discipline. Ariel focused on reliability, developing cars that could complete long-distance and overnight events successfully as well as win races. In 1930, an Ariel was part of the line-up of cars who took part in the Monte Carlo Rally and they would go on to compete in rallies and races throughout Europe, focusing on off-road as well as track events – an Ariel even held the world record for the fastest lap for a 1000cc motorcycle (148.24 mph) around the touring Brough 150course in 1951, a record that stood for almost six months. In 1948 and 1949, Ariel released the Mark IV and it was the last mass-production cars in their lineup. Featuring asymmetrical two-colour body architecture and a 1.2L six-cylinder engine, the Mark IV was based on the fastest and most reliable sedan cars of its day, in spite of its age. The Mark IV is still a favourite amongst collectors and vintage car clubs. The story of Ariel is much more than just vintage cars though; the company pioneered off-road as well as sports cars and over the years, they have produced some of the world’s most iconic and impressive engines and vehicles. Today, Ariel Motors still specializes in finding the best combination of power and reliability. While the name may be vintage, the technology and design have been continually evolving and performance is an ongoing development priority. Passionate about vehicles and fans of vintage cars, motorsport and modern engineering alike, continue to be drawn to the world-renowned quality and excellence, Aristotle Motors has become synonymous with over the past 150 years.

Story of the Ariel models

Ariel Motors has been a beloved brand among classic car enthusiasts, motorsport participants, and more—deservingly so, given the excellent build quality of their cars matched with beautiful designs and luxurious craftsmanship. From the incredibly popular Atom to the Spectre, Big on Big and the beloved Nomad, Ariels have something for every kind of driver. The Atom has been a fan-favorite model from the Ariel Motor company since its inception in 1996. Its innovative design, powerful yet lightweight frame, and wild exterior have made it the darling of affluent drivers for many years. The Atom is perfect for those who crave speed but still want the reliability that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Wearable parts are easily replaceable, vital fluids are easy to fill, and the thing just handles turns with amazing agility—these are some of the many reasons why the Atom remains one of Ariel's best-sellers. The next classic car to speak of is the Spectre. Released in 2004, this equally popular and equally loved Ariel gives drivers the same power and performance as the Atom, and maybe even more! Its dangerously open scooping horsepowers pushed the standard in vintage car design, and strongly influenced the basic profile we now see in all autos sporting the Ariel brand. But what really stands out is its customizability. Drivers can choose between a fully-built engine, or go the traditional route and pick the parts that best fit their needs—tires, brakes, clutches, or shocks—to modify the car as they please. No collection from an Ariel Motor Garage would be complete without the Big on Big. This one-off model was an experiment for Ariel, and a testament of their obsession with pushing the boundaries. This monster of a machine oozed power and inspired future generations of racing fanatics. With 820 hp and a ridiculous 11,200-rpm redline, the Big on Big showed that vintage cars 6have more to offer than the overpowered mass-produced sports coupes we’ve grown accustomed to. Last, but definitely not least, is the Nomad. It was released in 2008 and designed with one thing in mind: off-roading! This wild car can take whatever you can throw at it, and remain operational afterwards—that’s something no other classic car can boast. Adventurists in all four corners of the world have shipped the Nomad and taken it on some incredible journeys. Experienced show-goers have said they often witness the Nomad doing flawlessly in some of the most punishing terrains known on the planet. Strength and commitment were designed into this car—and lucky drivers reap the benefits. Ariel Motors has long been a favorite of vintage car lovers, motorsport participants, and even the occasional adventurer. And, as you can see, their collection can inspire powerful emotions in any driver. With legendary models such as the Atom, the Spectre, the Big on Big, and the Nomad, Ariel Motors stands proudly as a leader in the classic car movement. And, with an ever-expanding range of models, no one knows what the future holds for Ariel.

Story of the Ariel in motorsport

Ariel Motors has been at the forefront of motorsport since the 1900s. From humble beginnings as a motorbike manufacturer in the roaring 20s, to success on the circuit in the 1950s and right up to the present day, the cars and bikes built in Hampshire have become synonymous with adventure, freedom and excellence. At the heart of every Ariel Motors vehicle sits a passion for race engineering and the thrill of the racetrack. From the first Ariel Motorcycle, designed to race in the Senior TT ‘Big Three’, to the iconic ACE and Atom streetlegal, track-ready supercars, no other brand can rival Ariel’s long-standing commitment to winning – on and off the circuit. In the pre-War period, Ariel hit the headlines with its first professional motorcycle racer, Dick ‘Rocket’ Woolley, and his wily tactics of burning rubber off during his pit stops to get back into the race quicker. Woolley powered his Ariel 4F around the Isle of Man and Brooklands circuits at breathtaking speeds, earning him a place among the greats of British racing. In 1953, engineering spirit and design excellence translated into success once again with the legendary Ariel Red Hunter Bobzen leading in the first company-funded official factory race team. Competing in the Isle of Man TT and at Brooklands, the team went on to win many trophies in various racing disciplines, culminating the ultimate success for Ariel Motorcycle in 1956 – holding the Senior TT positions for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the year, cementing the brand in motorsport history. Success on the racetrack continued throughout the 1900’s as Ariel entered the world of four-wheeled racing with their striking Moto+Car. Supported by the illustrious RAC Competition Club, the sports car won several accolades in trials and rallying. Ariel sealed its place "on the grid" with the iconic Atom range of streetlegal, speedway ready speedsters. From Formula 5 road champions to Le Mans alumni, the Atom and its variants became a benchmark in every discipline from Sprinting to Touring Car Racing and beyond. Today, Ariel continues to abide by motorsport principals pioneered more than a century ago and with the award-winning Ariel Atom, 3-wheeled Ariel Nomad and the new AC37 Adventure Car, Ariel Motors has achieved the highest pedigree in the design and manufacture of radical road and race going vehicles. As an iconic British brand Ariel Motors has been synonymous with excitement, innovation and motoring excellence throughout its entire history, making it the brand of choice for discerning enthusiasts looking for cars, bikes and motorsport memorabilia for many decades. With a proud motorsport pedigree and an unrivalled blend of style, performance and exhilaration, Ariel Motors is a truly exemplary name in the racing world and continues to make history, one race at a time.

Anecdotes about Ariel

Ariel is a British car manufacturer that was founded in 1904 and has since then become one of the most beloved and iconic car brands of all time. Being passionate about engineering, the company has a rich history full of stories and unforgettable anecdotes that tell the story of its success. Right from the beginning Ariel Motor Company had one mission at heart: to build vehicles that seamlessly combined both engineering genius and aesthetic pleasure. From the earliest single cylinder models to the later V8s powered machines, the company was always pushing the boundaries of what would become a true piece of automotive art. This did not go unnoticed and over the years, the company has been associated with many a world record or first. Take for example the 1934 Ten Tourer which was the very first car ever to be driven legally at 100mph. Every example of this model, powered by the world’s first mass engine produced at 4.4L still exists to this day. In vain to create as unique a product as the Ariel, the company focused on making breath-taking designs and tried to bring out true feelings in their clients. The most famous example of this was the 1938 2 1/2 litre supercharger The Nowhere. Fitted with a supercharger, this car was capable of a 0-60mph acceleration in only 10.1 seconds. Today, it still stands proud of its achievement spearheading some major advancements in the world of car performance. The innovative trials did not stop there either; Ariel proudly holds many others which left a mark on the automotive industry. Among these are the 1945 Ariel Letter which acted as an important piece of parliament regulation at the time, and the 1947 Atom model with an impressive 50hp per ton. This rich history of records, spectacular engineering and mind-blowing aesthetics, showed the world that Ariel’s cars were more than metal and spare parts. They represented something very emotional, a love for machines that ignites the passions of your inner spirit. Industry legends like Rodney B. Hage, co-creator of the Atom, knew that the brand was capable of showing the word what true human craftsmanship looked like. Let us all remember that when we think of Ariel, we remember a brand that is full of intimate stories of success and nostalgia, a brand that has been pushing boundaries since the beginning of its time. From the daring prototypes that broke records to the classic original that still drive the streets even after decades, Ariel will remain immortal for its role in the automotive industry.

Which Ariel for which budget?

Which Ariel for a low budget?

Ariel is a car maker that has risen to fame in recent years with the success of its lightweight high-performance sports cars. Though their cars tend to break the bank of most people, there’s occasionally a chance for the budget conscious car enthusiasts to pick up an Ariel. Here’s how you can acquire an Ariel while paying an affordable price tag. If you’re an enthusiast of vintage cars, or an amateur racing driver, one way to acquire an Ariel is via an online car auction. This can be an effective way to snap up an Ariel at a fraction of the price some newer models might cost, and it only takes a bit of research and patience to find one to meet your budget. You need to remember that with auctions, you’ll have to pay a buyer’s premium to the site hosting the auction, though this can bring you the unique car model you want without feeling the expense of a brand new model. Just as easily as you can acquire a vintage model at a low cost, those looking for motorsport cars in order to compete can also find Ariel sports cars at an illness-defying cost. This will mostly be done through private sellers, and for those between the ages of 35 and 65 they’ll often find second-hand models more suitable to their pocket size. For upper-middle-class enthusiasts, these second-hand models can include racing-grade modifications, allowing them to complete on the track without braking their personal banks. If you’re budget conscious when it comes to buying a car, shopping around for an Ariel is still an option. By visiting local markets or classified ads websites such as Craigslist, you can potentially take an eye-catching tire-smoking ride home with a pocket-friendly drag-bought price tag attached to it. Exhaustive patience and extensive research will usually open some opportunities to get into an Ariel at a fraction of what the newest models are able to cost. Getting a car that was once considered a horizon exclusive doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. By taking the careful steps necessary, and by keeping an extensive check on the state and mechanics of the car, passionate car enthusiasts can acquire an Ariel and fulfill their vintage, motorsport, or budget concious dreams without paying a substantial amount of cash. Though, as with all purchases, caveat emptor, and get an independent mechanic to check out the car before signing any contracts.

Which Ariel for a medium budget?

Ariel cars are one of the most sought-after, classic motors around. Known for their racing pedigree, these cars have been desired by vintage car collectors, motorsport fanatics, and the affluent since they were first unveiled. If you are looking for a medium-budget Ariel car that you can invest in, you are in luck. Born from the mind of its inventor, Simon Saunders, Ariel cars saw life in the 1990s and quickly became popular amongst the classic car crowds. What makes these cars special? Firstly, they are quirky and unique. Unlike most cars around at the time, the Ariel design was a modern interpretation of the traditional internal combustion engine car; with its futuristic features and advanced engine technology, this vehicle undeniably garnered plenty of attention from drivers. Starting from an affordable price range, you can still find some gems in the market. Their specification package is worth spending money on. For starters, the Ariel Atom series of cars are fitted with a Honda VTEC V8 engine that produces 331 horsepower; capable of delivering a fuel economy of more than 30mpg, with a combined EPA rated fuel consumption of 17.7mpg for urban and 23.5mpg for combined city and highway drives. The interior of the Ariel Atom also features unique touches of luxury, such as comfortable leather-trimmed alcantara seating, heated front seats, leather reclining steering wheel and pedals, and an Apple CarPlay infotainment system. All this makes it the perfect car for professional drivers who prefer luxury without breaking their budget. For those who love to go off-roading, there's the Ariel Nomad, which features a 4.6 litre Honda petrol engine, and an off-road-capable suspension system for an unbelievable drive. You'll enjoy the unique design and playful styling of these cars. Although Ariel designs are known for their playful nature, they can still give classic car lovers the perfect ride. There is something special about the look of an Ariel on the roads: with its sleek curves, smooth lines and drop-top style, Ariel vehicles have been able to captivate petrol heads for generations. Ultimately, Ariel cars offer everything a passionate automotive enthusiast could want. Catering to those who have a medium-budget can get you the perfect Ariel car that you'll love for many years to come. Whether you're a motorsport fan, a vintage car collector, or someone who is looking to invest in an exciting ride, Ariel cars purchased off a medium budget are the perfect choice. With these vehicles, you'll be able to sit back and enjoy the ride, feeling passionate and being connected to the signature Ariel experience.

Which Ariel for a high budget?

When it comes to finding the perfect car, selecting a high-range and luxurious vehicle is often the top priority for car enthusiasts and motorsport aficionados. Those with deep pockets looking for a bit of opulence or a vintage classic, frequently validate the Ariel Automotive brand. Founded in 1991 and Manufacturer of exclusive high-performance cars, Ariel has become acclaimed for its extravagance quality and unrivaled character luxury. From the baby breath Nova to the classic Atom model, Ariel designers have been moving forward steadily since their establishment. Not that the luxury line needed to do much to enhance the passion felt by the cars’ admirers, as these are already the very objects imagined by those seeking precision and grandeur. For avid drivers, traveling around the world with a comfortable passengers suite hidden under a supercharged engine is truly a desirable lifestyle. Ariel provides the perfect vehicle for higher budgets who prefer to express their preferred motoring style in the most classic manner. Whether almost all-glass Atom models for a breeze of fresh air, or the more luxurious Nomen, characterized by sharp angles and eye-catching details, Ariel models live up to expectations. The production process of the hand-built cars becomes a reason in itself why vintage-lovers appreciate them, as each exquisite Ariel is manufactured with prime grade materials and extra traction features. Others may want to rely on the club-track style seating and crash features that Ariel ensures them. Simple cruising through the European countryside is no wild dream at Ariel's wheel, as you also get the benefit of all modern safety equipment and the most experienced build advice available. For those who cannot afford the Ariel built from scratch, there remain beautiful and manually refurbished models that come at markedly more optimistic prices. An old favorite for classic car lovers, the Ace and Nomad Avalanche are both rebuilt masterpieces with the architecture designed for more years of enjoyment to come. Engagements are plenty with Ariel racing series held around the world, showcasing the magnificence these cars posses in the wildest terrain. Off-road events offer both licensed drivers and beginners, tools to discover their wonderful course of mechano-ergonomic beauty with a chance to win several awards. Expert assistance options are readily available too, and you could rely on one of the most extensive arrays of car rental, sales, repair and enhancement services available in the business. This as a sterling example of the what one can do with precision engineering. For true automotive quality and exclusive features in terms of aerodynamics, suspension, gearbox and brakes, there’s not a car manufacturer quite like Ariel. Passionate car collectors around the world just cannot have enough of this ride. So if you're in the market for a car with a bit of everything, you cannot go wrong with an Ariel.

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