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Story of the Alpina creation

The rich and exciting story behind the illustrious car brand Alpina is one of charm and prestige. Founded by Burkard Bovensiepen in 1965, Alpina has been crafting luxurious cars with carefully honed engineering and a distinguished heritage. From its inception, Alpina has stayed loyal to its core values: that of building high-end vintage cars with sporting pedigree and unparalleled performance capabilities. It's a journey that has only become more prestigious throughout the years, and with it, aligns to the broad demographic of affluent, motorsport and collector car enthusiasts between the ages of 35 and 65. Alpina opened its gates as an engineering company specialising in tuning and modifying existing BMW models. Through this service, modestly powered vehicles from the Bavarian automaker were built up to full-fledged performance machines. This list of model offerings included the iconic E3, E9 and 2002. The small-scale manufacturing set-up assisted BMW in launching the first full-range Motorsport program in 1969. Production ended after 2004 for the 2002 model, though their impact was immense, spawning other integral models such as the 2002 turbo and the cult classic 2002ti. This marked the beginnings of Alpina as a go-to brand for high performance sports cars that manufacturers such as BMW weren't building (yet still pushing) back in the day. To this day, Alpina continues to be the at the cutting edge of products in the performance car segment. Alpina B5 Touring, B3 Biturbo and B6 Convertible (developed from E90 3 Series) make up the top tier of the current models being produced. The unit behind Alpina is so much more than cars, however. Automotive engineering is fused with cutting-edge technology and contours in the likes of its wind tunnel, where plans and tests begin to improve and refine their models. From the bodywork to the engine, every piece is carefully thought out and arranged steadily like a puzzle. State-of-the-art instruments, such as the stroboscope, are also highly used to micromanage and hone the unique sound of each engine - part of the sum of the expert parts in couture-like cars. This passion for vehicle production is seen through its presence in motor racing events up to the 1980s, where heavily modified 2002s by Alpina made it to the Targa Florio, 24h Nürburgring and even the DTM championship in the 1990s. The ingenuity that underpins Alpina's lovingly constructed cars translates to their well-rounded setup from car care to maintenance. Alpina Genuine Parts, their own specialist stores and a world-renowned service record for existing and future owners of Alpinas are highly-coveted, making the brand and its cars all the more attractive to enthusiasts around the world. Through sheer dedication, craftsmanship and a slight dose of magic, Alpina’s passion for engineering continues to be witnessed through the grace and elegance of their models that fit the laid out parameters of performance, power and design that is simply timeless.

Story of the Alpina models

The Alpina name is almost synonymous with classic luxury, top quality performance and precision engineering. Founded in the Mont Blanc region in 1965, Alpina has been synonymous with high-end automobiles for over 50 years. From the beautiful and powerful Alpina B7 to the iconic Alpina B12, Alpina has manufactured some of the most iconic and sought-after models to ever grace the roads. Here is a closer look at some of the most well-known cars in the Alpina range. The Alpina B7 was first launched in 2009 and was at the top of the performance sedan range, then and now. It was based on the already luxurious and powerful BMW 7-series and benefited from a number of enhancements created by the Alpina engineering team. Featuring a powerful 4.4-litre V8, producing an impressive 507 horsepower and combined with the sporty exterior appearance and custom interior, it was the perfect choice for those wanting to make a statement. The Alpina B12 was introduced in 1990 as a successor to the earlier B10 and featured several noticeable additions, such as 525 hp engine power, a powerful suspension system, grip-adjusting alloys, and the iconic Alpina body kit. This is where you could really see the passion that had gone into the creation of this performance machine. Finishing touches included hefty Alpina alloy shifters, a heavy-duty clutch, and quad exhaust tips and, for purists, the six-speed manual transmission too. The Alpina B3 S coupe launched in 2017 further refined the classic Alpina formula by introducing a turbocharged version of BMW's iconic inline six-cylinder. It could achieve 0-60mph in just 4.2 seconds and topped out at 156 mph - a feat that was nearly unheard of during that time. With its sleek design, aggressive styling, and an interior lifted directly from the more high-end of BMW's offerings, it was indeed a capable and luxurious sports car. All Alpina models share a combination of style, power and comfort that make them unique machines, and which are sure to thrill car enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you want a luxury sedan, a high-powered supercar or something in between, Alpina has something for you. From its roots in the Swiss Alps to its current position as one of the preeminent carmakers in Europe, the Alpina name continues to inspire awe and admiration amongst luxury car enthusiasts and fans of motorsport alike.

Story of the Alpina in motorsport

Alpina may not be as well known as other luxury auto brands, but it is steeped in a rich legacy of innovation and motorsports. Founded in 1965 by Burkard Bovensiepen, Alpina has been producing cars with high-performance engines and emissions standards meant to guarantee functionality and sustainability. Alpina’s roots trace back to 1962, when Bovensiepen – an engineer and entrepreneur - toyed around with the idea of manufacturing high-performance engines to convert the manufacturer’s standard production vehicles. By 1965, Bovensiepen founded Alpina in Bavaria, Germany, and began to produce cars with these newly designed engines and custom bodywork, starting with the eponymous Alpina 1975. In the 50+ years since, the company's commitment to motorsports have been firmly entrenched. Their cars ran in the European Touring Car Championship (ETCC), German Rally Championship (DRC), and the German Racing Championship (DTC) from 1972-1983. Alpina cars are also known for their resilience and strong acceleration, which became increasingly impressive over time – manual vehicles now come with a seven-speed transmission and a 535 horse-power engine, while modernized automatic vehicles come with an eight-speed automatic transmission and 500 horsepower. Alpina was a pioneer in many forms, making innovative use of durable materials such as aluminium and strengthened steel, as well as leading with a commitment to environmentally-friendly automotive solutions. This spirit was at the heart of their race car models, exemplified by the success of their 5 Series powered by G30in the DTM German Touring Car Masters and the iconic BMW E30 in various rally championships. In total, Alpina vehicles have won more than 1,000 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in major racing competitions, making them one of the most accomplished automotive companies in the world. As of this writing, Alpina continues to innovate and compete in motorsports, fielding a new team in the Surflex Challenge and remaining committed to engineering and producing new cars for luxury auto enthusiasts. Alpina has always placed the experience of their customers and admirers at the forefront of their endeavors, and in that sense they remain a passionate leader when it comes to luxury motorsports. Alpina continues to compete at the highest level, racing in only the most premier of events and continually striving to bring ecologically-sustainable forms of automotive excitement to the track. Alpina has something for every automotive enthusiast, whether it's the high-performance engines, emissions of modern vehicles, or the exciting motorsports history that have come to define the brand.

Anecdotes about Alpina

The legendary car brand Alpina is renowned for its unparalleled craftsmanship and engineering excellence. Founded in Luxembourg in 1965, Alpina sought to develop cars of the highest quality and performance, blurring the lines between luxury and racing prowess. Historically, the Alpina brand has been associated with discreet yet powerful luxury cars, including a handful of powerful and rare vintage vehicles. Despite the diminutive size of their shop near the French border, the team at Alpina built a long legacy of greatness. Perhaps the funniest of these anecdotes relates to a 1967 B6. This particular model was believed to have the highest power-to-weight ratio of the time, making it a veritable front-runner in the car market. A journalist visiting the shop of Alpina noticed a grasshopper car, sporting a blue stripe along its hood. When asked about the origin of the special edition car, one of the technicians replied that it had been designed for a gentleman from Luxembourg's Place d'Armes and looked dapper enough to rival the knights at the Grand Ducal Court! This anecdote is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Alpina history and success. A passion for motorsport has been at the heart of Alpina since its conception, awarding the brand countless sports victories since it first began participating in motorsport in 1968. Alpina has raced at circuits from Hockenheim to Le Mans, with a who's who of notable drivers behind the wheel. Notable alumni include Stirling Moss, Niki Lauder, Jochen Mass, Rauno Aaltonen and Derek Bell. Alpina has forged a reputation predicated on exhilarating power and spectacular engineering throughout the decades, which has become particularly valued in the eyes of vintage car collectors and luxurious lifestyle enthusiasts. Notable high- prestige vintage models include the elegant B7 Turbo, the efficient 3.2, the sporty C2 2.9 and the strident 850 CSI. In recent years, Alpina has achieved cult-like status among car and luxury enthusiasts around the globe, with its cars being reflected as a sign of success and stature. Alpina's specially commissioned timepieces, apparel and various lifestyle accessories further connote the luxurious lifestyle with which driving an Alpina is associated. In the present day, Alpina is still producing cars of remarkable achievement and maintaining its legacy of high performance and custom engineered designs. Each vehicle proudly bears the Alpina name married to a particular typeface, as a reminder of the illustrious history the company has had since 1965. The current range consists of curated luxury vehicles for affluent and car enthusiasts between the ages of 35 and 65, stylishly pushing the boundaries of performance, reliability and aesthetics. Ultimately, the car-making history of Alpina has been an exciting one, full of anecdotes and triumphs, continues to offer its clients an unparalleled quality and an experienced that is distinguishable at a glance. This illustrious reputation is certain to continue in the future.

Which Alpina for which budget?

Which Alpina for a low budget?

The BMW Alpina brand has been an automotive icon for more than fifty years. From cars designed for touring comfort and classic grandeur to engines built for speed, the Alpina name is steeped in tradition. For enthusiasts wishing to take advantage of a first-class classic sports car of historic quality while spending far less than MSRP, a pre-owned BMW Alpina is the perfect acquisition. The Alpina B3 and fourth generation B7 are two prized models that can be found well under budget. The B3, first produced in 1995, features an uprated version of the E46 chassis and continues to reward drivers with timeless touring luxury. The B7 has abundant power thanks to its 500-horsepower engine, but has an unexpected edge in the form of maximum fuel economy and shorter stopping distances. No matter which Alpina car is acquired, the wealthy passion of this timeless brand can be readily experienced thanks to its meticulous attention to detail. Surely, a joyride in a classic BMW Alpina won't just rouse an ecstatic response from the engine, but will bring forth an air of pride. Moreover, it stands to reason that its timeless style will quite simply be an exquisite addition to any car collection. If size is a major factor for many motorists narrowing down their choices, then the Alpina B4 Coupe should definitely be considered. Although the rate of production is more limited than the B3 and B7, the engine puts out 375 horsepower and outperforms its larger counterparts. Some added features in the B4 include a new rear power-lift function and Carbon Ceramic Brake System, bringing together power and convenience. For those looking to add an elitist accent to their drive, the Alpina BX8 adds an additional level of class and luxury. This particular model is the epitome of cruising in a classic status symbol and also outperforms some of the more powerful BMW cars with its small 4 cylinder engine. This particular engine happily produces a tapestry of performance options with up to 400 horsepower, all the way up to 600 horsepower in the XD2 model. The Alpina name may carry an air of almost luxurious secrecy, but it is still possible to acquire an iconic car on a low budget. Deluxe craftsmanship and exemplary engineering come together in these cars, each of which comes with a full history to boot. Just like the possibilities for customization options are as vast as the open road, seizing this low-priced opportunity on one of these iconic BMW Alpinas should be above all else an exciting one.

Which Alpina for a medium budget?

If you are an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport, and luxury, then you definitely need to hear about the German Alpinas. Alpina, pioneered by Burkard Bovensiepen in the 1960s, is an independent company focusing on production of performance-enhanced variants of BMW vehicles. With the ability to acquire Alpinas for a medium budget, the exciting idea of driving a beautiful, luxurious sports car around European cities can become reality. Whether it is the classic 2 or 4-door saloons, to the more overtly sports-oriented models, Alpina offer something unique. Despite its traditional design, a computer controlled fuel injection system and catalytic converter helps decrease the number of pollutants, inline with the latest emission regulations. Key components like turbochargers, individual chassis components, and sport-type radiators not only gives the car an impressive power-to-weight ratio but also demonstrates that Alpina offers some of the best state-of-the-art technology. Alpina cars display luxury at its finest. The interior of each car is unique to that particular model. Executive models known as Alpina B7 have 7 individual diamond-stitched leather seats with a glossy black interior finish. There’s even a choice of colored highlights in the form of pin stripes and stitching trims throughout the body and cockpit. For loyal fanatics, you can also opt to customize accessories like brake discs and air vents. As a passionate car enthusiast, Alpina cars can provide remarkable driving dynamics. Whether it is the standard Alpina B3 or the higher tuned 6-cylinder version, you can feel the road through precise steering and powerful engines that can reach speeds of up to 250 km/h. There is an added pull to the steering wheels as a result of torque vectoring that provides improved handling and greater responsiveness. It is an experience of a lifetime that cannot be replicated. Finally, perfect for everyone between the ages of 35 to 65 looking for a bargain, there are many Alpina cars to choose from for your medium budget. Not only are you getting a unique sports car, but you will also benefit from comfortable ergonomic seats, an enhanced suspension, a powerful engine, and a dynamic force that cannot be matched. As with all things German, performance is a measure of constant finesse and perfection. Alpina cars are a testimony to this idea, and that is why they provide some of the best mid-budget cars on the market.

Which Alpina for a high budget?

The Alpina marque has a long and enviable history in motorsport. Established in 1965, Alpina cars have been revered by the racing community due to their combination of reliability and high performance. As well as their iconic participation in European endurance events, they have also competed in rally and touring car racing with a number of championship successes. Today, Alpina cars remain highly desirable amongst vintage and motorsport enthusiasts, as well as those with an expansive budget. For the collector of luxury, rare, and exquisite cars, Alpina presents an exquisite array of choices that exceed all expectations. Its fleet of modern grand tourers – incorporating both classic models such as the Binator and newer iterations such as the D3 – offer an unparalleled level of luxury, elegance and performance. Alpina’s models are created to be exclusive, featuring bespoke bodywork, striking interiors, and engines which optimize their performance and provide a driving experience to please the most passionate automotive enthusiast. For those seeking the true top-of-the-line Alpina experience, consider the ultra-rare BX7 Bi-Turbo. With a completely bespoke body, undeniably striking styling, and the incredibly powerful 730 horsepower engine, this is perhaps the Ultimate Grand Tourer. Its best feature is undoubtedly its active suspension system, which gives it an incredibly sporty feeling despite its size and power. Collectors can expect to acquire this car for legitimately high prices, but to the passionate motorsport enthusiast, no price can be too great for such a marvellous example of Alpina engineering. Long considered an exclusive choice amongst knowledgeable and affluent automotive aficionados, the marque of Alpina can meet the most exacting of tastes. With its iconic modern, and classic models, and of course, the ultra-rare BX7, there is no excuse not to find a marvellous Alpina to fit within any budget. So for those seeking the absolute Best Of The Best, and the passionate motorcarna enthusiast between 35 and 65, Alpina is the obvious choice.

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