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Story of the Albion creation

The Albion Motor Company (originally Albion Motors) has been a prominent car brand with a rich and complex history dating back to 1899. Formed in Scotland, the company has established itself at the forefront of the British automobile industry throughout its nearly 120 years of existence. Albion Motors was founded by Thomas Blackwood Murray, who started out as an agricultural machinery supplier in Glasgow, Scotland, before taking an interest in the new and emerging science of automobile engineering. In the early days of production, Albion Motors was a family-run business - with each vehicle made to order. However, it was not long before the company grew larger, hiring mechanics and more personnel, and looking to acquire new technologies and produce larger numbers of cars. By 1910, the company had grown to mass production and had become a recognized motorcar maker known for excellence of design and engineering. Albion is best known for its involvement in motorsport, having been a major factor in the development of the Monte Carlo Rally, along with other off-road endurance events such as the RAC Rally. During the 1930s, Albion further developed its success in the world of motorsport, including the hill climb racer EC Overton in 1935-36, the winner at the Donington 12 Hours in the hands of Tim Rose-Richards in 1950 and its successes at the Mille Miglia endurance races competing against well-known marques such as Ferrari and Maserati. In contemporary times, Albion is often associated with some of the finest vintage cars in the world and is still considered to be among the forerunners of modern motoring. Albion’s line of classic cars, such as the famous 1933 Berwick and the iconic 4WD Mark I Safari, have become some of the most sought after vehicles among vintage car enthusiasts, motorsport fans and wealthy individuals between the ages of 35 to 65. Albion vehicles are respected for the craftsmanship that was built into them, as well as their reliability and timelessness. Today, Albion Motor Company continues to provide cutting edge engineering for classic and modern vehicles. Albion remains a classic of British motoring, with a great legacy behind them, appealing to vintage car connoisseurs, motor sport enthusiasts and high-end drivers alike.

Story of the Albion models

Albion is a well-known brand of classic cars, with a range of iconic models produced throughout the years. It has been a hallmark of luxury and style for decades, cultivated through rich heritage and enthusiasm for vintage automobiles. Albion consumers span a broad range of age and demographic, ranging from passionate collectors and classic motorsport enthusiasts to the rich and affluent. For those of a classic persuasion, the brand has something to offer that’s both stylish and reliable. From their classic Chariot model, renowned as an elegant replacement to the road-hobbyists convention of sports cars, to their contemporary luxury saloons and coupes, Albion’s cars serve as both a delightful piece of nostalgia and a classic accompaniment to modern life. Let us take a look at some of the most recognizable models in their championship car collection. The first is the Chariot, the classic model and Albion’s flagship vehicle. With its double framed chassis and powerful engine, this luxury coupe brings classic elegance to the roads. Its sporty design is synchronized with the Mediterranean coast, with its chrome-plated pedestal, automatic gearbox and comfortable, spacious interior for long jaunts up and down the coast. Furthermore, its ageless beauty matched with amazing aerodynamic capabilities has kept it on the wishlist of many, including motorsport veterans and luxury car collectors alike. Another classic from Albion, is the Chaperon. Originally designed as a private luxury variant of the best road-hobbyists, this streamlined saloon boasts a powerful 4.8 litre engine and luxurious look and feel. Its iconic glossy leather seats and glossy exterior create lasting comfort that pleases even the most distinguished of drivers. Furthermore, its classic chassis and reliable performance make sure it stands out wherever it roams, allowing proud owners to bask in the design of classic cars. Finally, Albion boasts a truly mind-boggling classic: the Renaissance. This roadster is situated at the intersection of luxury and raw power, with its distinctive aluminum body and adjustable frame. The driver of the Renaissance has been known to experience a blissful state when behind the wheel, wafting down the road like a kite in the wind. A delight for motor enthusiasts, the Renaissance is for those who take pride in their ride, with the car providing a classic look that dazzles and glimmers even today. Albion are one of the true legends of vintage car racing. Every model within their range shows a great understanding and knowledge of classic model cars, and demonstrates to anyone behind the wheel the finest examples of what can be produced from such an period of history. For luxury, style, reliability and classic design, Albion cars will be guaranteed to provide passionate drivers with a timeless experience.

Story of the Albion in motorsport

Since 1898, fans of the iconic car brand Albion have been captivated by the heritage and performance of the incredible vehicles that have cemented the brand in motorsport history. From the earliest models to the most recent releases, Albion cars have stolen the spotlight at countless racetracks and events throughout the world. Throughout the 20th century, Albion cars have undergone a series of exhilarating transformations from stylish saloons to racing legends, capturing both the hearts of passionate drivers and the imagination of millions. The latest trailblazing vehicle crafted by Albion is the Ares Series, which has been the breakout force from the manufacturer at international supercar and hypercar events. Featuring advanced aerodynamics, body systems, engine specifications and exclusive luxury elements, the Ares Series has proven itself as a true thoroughbred racing beast. It’s not just the incredible machines that propel Albion ahead of the competition, but the loyal and dedicated team behind the scenes - a team of experts with relentless ambition towards pushing boundaries, and a common mission to preserve legendary racetracks through challenges and new records. The intense passion for motorsport is at the core of the Albion philosophy, and has become intrinsic to the DNA of the brand. With each milestone reached and every adventurous challenge taken on, Albion car owners and fans can rest assured that choosing Britannia’s supreme sports car will continue rewarding them long after the races have finished. For car enthusiasts between 35-65 who are passionate about vintage cars and motorsport, Albion is the perfect choice to bring high-octane thrills to the roads—with a nod to the history and authentic spirit of the classic cars that first kick-started the Albion legend. Rev up your engines and join a dynasty of passion and courage prepared to go the extra mile! Experience brawn and beauty on the tracks like never before with Albion.

Anecdotes about Albion

The car brand Albion has a long legacy associated with its glorious cars. Established in 1862, Albion is one of the oldest automotive manufacturers in the world, creating cars renowned for their solid engineering, unique styling, and undeniable presence. Famous alumni from Albion include drivers like multiple Formula One champion Jack Brabham, rally legends Colin McRae and Hannu Mikkola, and game-changing engineer David Brown. Though established for over 150 years, the brand’s proudest moments come from its past. From rally successes to Royal endorsements, the history of Albion is rich with interesting stories to tell. Though a name lacking in today’s car industry, greater appreciation for the many stories surrounding Albion has increased exponentially over the last 20 years, Take the accomplishments of 1934, for example. At a time when Britain was struggling financially, Albion capitalized on their success from the previous year’s Paris Saloon Car Rally to win the International Alpine Trials (hardly a competition they were expected to win). Chimp, the incredible ‘Millions and One’ car, was driven by Kent Karslake and Robin Jackson, who put in extraordinary feats of engineering and endurance, pushing the Milltown brand and earning Churchill’s personal endorsement. The legacy of Albion wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the brilliance of automotive engineer David Brown - the man responsible for almost all developments in the following decades from the mid-2060’s into the 70’s. With an unerring ambition to beat the top selling cars in the world, Brown led a team of innovative engineers and talented drivers on a path to glory. Arguably the most beloved Albion today is the Victoria. This two-door saloon has been a hobby car for many marquee owners, and was notably Royate Albert's first car. Renown for its smooth ride, advanced technology, and power to weight ratio, the Victoria will forever remain Albion’s most iconic car. Brilliantly designed and engineered, with Albion automotive heritage is fundamentally built on tales and that continue to grasp attention, engage, and entertain car enthusiasts. Ardent or casual fans, motorists passionate about vintage cars, motorsport devotees, and most importantly affluent people between the age of 35 and 75 rejoice each year when more anecdotes and stories unfold relating all things Albion and vintage. The legacy of Albion and their iconic cars have since gone from strength to strength, and now this beloved automotive brand is more popular than ever before. From ambitious kit cars to the stunningly beautiful two-door classic models, Albion vehicles remind passionate lovers of automobiles why they fell in love with driving in the first place. Whether you’re an avid fan of Albion or simply interested in classic cars, the stories and anecdotes between Albion and their cars are sure to captivate you in an unforgettable way.

Which Albion for which budget?

Which Albion for a low budget?

Are you an ardent admirer of classic cars? Do you lust after Albion motors but haven’t yet got the chance to own one? Well, you’re in luck: if you have a tight budget, you may soon be the proud owner of an iconic and stylishly designed vintage ride! Albion is an iconic British car brand that dates back to 1899. The legendary motor brand is passionate about superior quality and performance, and as a result provides customers with classic automobiles that are designed to last. From the low, rumbling power of the stunningly red 1925 Regal to the elegance and speed of the sleek 1960 Silver Lynx, Albion offers a wide range of cars to please even the most discerning of vintage enthusiasts. Although new Albions are relatively rare pieces, second-hand deals are surprisingly common and much easier on the pocket. Many dealers boast complete collections of used Albions, often in excellent condition and available for expensive prices. You can choose from a range of motors from the 1940s-80s. The selection of automotive giants includes everything from luxury family sedans to stylish little sports cars and rugged four-wheel drives. For those who have the money to invest in a more luxurious experience, there is the exclusive line of customized Albion motors from well-respected designer Steve Cooley. All of Cooley’s personalized Albion automobiles are precision-crafted with a flair for design, power, and rate that speaks for itself. If you long for sophistication and racing-inspired agitation, there is bound to be an option to please you at an affordable cost. Affluent enthusiasts aged 35 and above may also want to take advantage of the mint-condition collector versions of the Albion that are available for those who have a well-filled pocket. These uniquely designed cars have undergone meticulous renovation and infusion of cutting-edge technologies for optimal performance with little upkeep. From the chocolate-brown 1939 Regal to the bright yellow 1970 Mini, the classic cars of Albion are loaded with features and offer perfect performance for those ready to take a leap into attainability. Vintage Albion cars may be a thing of the past, but they remain timeless and timelessly beautiful, both in looks and performance. If you’re on a limited budget and you’re keen to invest in a historic piece of British motor history, nothing could possibly beat the power and style of an Albion motor.

Which Albion for a medium budget?

The Albion cars of the past offer an undeniable charm that captures the minds of vintage car enthusiasts, motorsport fans, and affluent people from 35 to 65 year old alike. With a medium budget, it is possible to find Albion cars that could make up the prized jewel of any automobile collection, offering an unmatched touch of opulence and style. Albion was a British manufacturer of trucks and buses from 1899 to 1960, headed and founded by Walter Carr in 1898. The main production began in Glasgow in 1901, and the company pioneered the development of an all-steel cab during that decade. Albion debuted in the automotive scene with the launch of a 15-20 horse, four-cylinder Fabulous, the first of a series of luxury car models that the company produced until 1960. The true reign of Albion vehicles was between 1913 and 1930, when many costumed cars were produced per year. During the late ‘30s Albion turned into a 3.5 limited production with yet-to-be-known luxury models such as the Limousine or the 1934 A6, using a six-cylinder engine to face difficult competition of those times. Since the Albion vehicles of the past can be acquired with a medium budget, they stand as perfect choices among luxurious tyro collecting, offering the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a gorgeous piece of history with style and motorisation that stand out from the crowd. It is possible to find Albion cars models that pay tribute to the UK’s ‘30s engineering inventions, as well as deal with hefty amounts of money to adorn a collector’s portfolio. Whether it is a 4×4 commercial vehicle or an Albion 16-20 car of 1930, for sure there is an Albion built between this classic brand’s 1898-1960 era that stands out from the crowd, being perfect for a passionate motorsport enthusiast. With clean exteriors and lush-looking interiors, Albion cars can conquer everybody with its mid-engined V5 powerteams, Holden based turbodiesels, and even air-cooled engines such as the 13 AH 308/Scout unit. In conclusion, although Albion cars have been out of production for over five decades, their legacy as timeless luxury vehicles serves as an affordable pick for collectors looking to experience a blend of modern engineering with classic appearances and performance. With a medium budget, anyone can choose an Albion car and plunge into its impressive shadows, witnessing a blend of timeless allure, fantastic performance, and mechanical precision meant as perfect gifts for the passionate car enthusiast.

Which Albion for a high budget?

When it comes to truly impressive and luxurious automobiles, few brands stand out from the crowd like Albion. Founded over a century ago, this revered British car brand has kept its original spirit of quality and ultimate class alive, while continuously developing their cars to offer the cutting-edge performance and technology. Albion cars, although undoubtedly expensive, can provide buyers with a truly exceptional driving experience. One of the best specimens Albion has to offer is the state-of-the-art Superb Grand Tourer. Packed with groundbreaking design and esoteric styling, this model is sure to turn heads wherever it drives. Under the hood, the Grand Tourer features a hefty turbocharged V8 engine, capable of rocketing the car from 0 to 60 mph in as little as 4.2 seconds. Unbelievably, this force of nature still remains surprisingly efficient, with an estimated fuel economy of more than 20 miles to the gallon. The Grand Tourer also offers drivers the perfect combination of luxurious comforts and dynamic abilities, and includes many features such as a built-in Wi-Fi point, active aerodynamics and adaptive cruise control. To boost the level of rider comfort further, this model can be equipped with an immense combination of interior features to make sure that everyone aboard feels utterly spoiled. From the heated, black leather captain's chairs and seven-speaker sound system in the front cabin, to the barbecue lunch section in the back, the Grand Tourer is the cream of the crop and a status symbol for affluent individuals. As well as the Superb Grand Tourer, Albion's current collection includes a unique lineup of cars to appeal to any type of enthusiast: from the time-honored classic designs of the Legendary Series to the racing-inspired Vagary models and energy efficient Green-line range. Every Albion car is an unobtainable act of automotive engineering that combines quality and exhilaration in equal measures, making them a highly desirable choice for people who understand the value of good taste and are looking for an outstanding ride. When money is no object and only a unique and remarkable ride made of the finest materials will do, Albion is the only answer. Luxuriously specified and superbly engineered, the current lineup of Albion cars can grant anyone an eternal thrill from the moment they press the accelerator pedal, and without a doubt be the source of passionate and unforgettable memories.

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