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Story of the Aixam creation

The legend of Aixam – the iconic French car brand founded in 1983 – is an inspiring tale of luxury, tradition and mechanical excellence. Now celebrated as one of the world's most beloved vehicle labels, Aixam was established in the city of Aix-les-Bains in the French Alps. The brand's beginnings trace back to 1983, when prominent industrial engineer and inventor Fernand Michel established a small budget car factory geared to producing low-cost vehicles using an innovative "mini-car" concept. His innovative idea resonated with the public, giving the Aixam brand an undeniable edge in the competitive French auto market and quickly enabling Michel to expand the scope of his vision. The success of Aixam's first small cars was the only harbinger of its future fortunes. Despite its affordable price tag, the unique design, excellent performance, and spirited exterior design of the cars found favour with a range of high-end buyers, including fashionable motoring enthusiasts, motorsport devotees, and lovers of classic style. Although the Aixam brand has evolved and adapted overtime to accommodate new technologies and expectations, the Aixam car's design philosophy has remained grounded in its original ideals – ingenious components, dynamic engines and uncompromising style. These philosophies have earned Aixam a devoted fan base among vintage car enthusiasts, wealthy businesspeople, and those who appreciate outstanding quality and craftsmanship. This devotion to excellence has enabled Aixam to remain a dominant force in the modern auto industry. The brand's $25 billion dollars of annual sales is a testament to its credibility, and the professionalism of its management team has seen the brand expand into options such as electric vehicles and autonomous driving. Above all, however, the longevity of Aixam has been attributed to its passionate passion for mechanical excellence. Stemming from its origins in Aix-les-Bains more than three decades ago, Aixam's commitment to creating cars of a high standard has been recognized across the globe. With its constant pursuit of improvement, it's no surprise that Aixam has become an excellent option for the modern vintage car enthusiast.

Story of the Aixam models

Aixam is a well-known French car manufacturer that is renowned for producing some of the most distinctive small cars on the market. For those passionate about classic cars, motorsport and vintage vehicles, Aixam is the perfect choice. The range of Aixam vehicles is admired by drivers of all ages, with those aged between 35 and 65 being particularly keen. Below, we take a look at some of Aixam’s most iconic models. First up is the Aixam Coupe. Produced between 2002 and 2009, this two-door car muddles the line between hatchback and saloon, with its aggressive style sitting happily between luxury and sportiness. The Coupe comes with a range of engine sizes, from a 0.6-litre up to a 1.9-litre petrol. Although production stopped in 2009, you can still find a second-hand Aixam Coupe on the market, making it the perfect choice for motorsport enthusiasts. Also worth mentioning is the Aixam Gti. The Gti was first released in 2011, and it contains echoes of the classic styling of the Renault 5 GT Turbo; it bursts with charm and character, despite its unconventionally boxy shape. Design-wise, the combination of its aluminium body, paintwork and its alloy wheels exude nostalgic fun. However, you won’t feel like you’re missing out where comfort is concerned; the Gti can be equipped with air-conditioning, electric windows and cushiony seats. The Gti isn’t short on power either. It comes with a 1.7-litre diesel or a 1.2-litre petrol engine - both provide plenty of oomph and can reach higher speeds with ease. The Aixam City is a sight to behold. The electric vehicle stimulates your sense of nostalgia whilst not being short on modern utilities or characteristics either. Combining a retro design with copious amounts of practicality, grip and efficiency, it is a car that offers something for everyone. Comfort-wise, the City promises a seductive and spacious interior, with electric windows, adjustable steering and a cosy set of fabric-clad seats. Although the range of the City is rated to top out at around 35 miles per charge, you’ll still be able to enjoy a 8-hour quick charge on the newer models. For those seeking premium levels of luxury and class, Aixam has the perfect model: the 500. The 500 mixes Italian style with French performance, making for an avante-garde car that oozes sophistication. Its body is made with aluminium, endowing it with lightness and luxury, while its flat-black dashboard, ambient lighting and durable nature hint to its utility. You’ll find a range of engines to choose from, depending on the drivetrain you prefer; electric, gasoline or diesel. With the electric and gasoline engine, you can enjoy a cool top speed of 45mph, perfect for a calmer drive. However, the diesel engine variant can push speeds of up to 50mph. Overall, the range of Aixam cars is the perfect choice for vintage car enthusiasts and those who appreciate the finer things in life. With a variety of options ranging from budget to luxury cars and with different engine sizes, there is something here to suit everyone’s needs – whilst igniting the warmth of nostalgia.

Story of the Aixam in motorsport

Motorsport is part of Aixam's rich 90-year history, found in their range of vintage models. The crucial moment to increase Aixam’s reputation in the competition circuit was when M. Renaud of Aixam contested the 1976 Paris-Dakar Rally. This brave attempt set the standard for the future of the brand as a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. During the eighties, Aixam rally car models competed in the renowned Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Some of the most well-remembered achievements include their 5th place finish in 1990 and 4th place in 1996. Both of these vintage rally cars left an indelible mark on the passionate motorsport community, proving that the brand could hold its own on the racetrack. Following such an illustrious history, Aixam recently entered into the world of Formula E competitions. As the motorsport landscape begins to move towards more sustainable drivers, Aixam proudly puts its name squarely on top with successful seasons from 2014-6, 2017-8 and 2019-20. Although the brand htas scaled back its commitments, they remain a staple in both city centres and is regarded by many as a trailblazer in terms of advancing green technology in the field of racing. For those looking to be part of motorsport history, Aixam offers enthusiasts between 35 and 65years old a unique opportunity to drive a piece of nostalgia that is shaped by 90 years of innovation and passion. Whether you’re more interested in vintage style or cutting-edge green technology, you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect fit in Aixam motorsport. With its long standing pressence and dedication to sustainable racing, it comes as no surprise that Aixam appeals to affluent audiences around the world.

Anecdotes about Aixam

The Aixam car brand has an impressive history. Founded in 1983 by Claude Poiraud, Aixam quickly became the pioneer of lightweight licensed vehicles and, since it's conception, has maintained its core values and engineering excellence, whilst constantly innovating production methods and setting market trends. At the start of their journey, Aixam set their sights on creating a new and exciting modern version of the vintage car, aimed at the affluent professional between the ages of 35 and 65. With their roots firmly established in the historic French automobile landscape, Aixam looked to carve out a valued niche in the market. With efficiency and safety at the top of their priorities, they set to work creating their new wave of powerful motors and vehicles. Thanks to their technical ability and eye for design, the first Aixam cars brought together power and hyper modern design. This design also exceeded all expectations on types of materials used, creating a lightweight but resilient piece of engineering with regularly featured upgrades. Not surprisingly, Aixam quickly gathered a large following of passionate car enthusiasts, looking to use their new ride in races and rallies. Over the years, Aixam has proudly maintained their commitment to innovation and design. Drawing on elements of traditional French style, plus high end technology, such as ABS braking systems, Aixam has expanded to include electric vehicles and 4x4s, each one robustly tested and meticulously designed using contemporary automotive engineering. Due to the success of Aixam’s products, coupled with their well-known reputation and attention to detail, they have built a strong brand presence in Europe and around the world. Regularly pushing the boundaries of performance and safety through extensive research and development, Aixam has quickly become the go-to option for those looking for a top quality, efficient, lightweight automobile. When considering the long list of accolades attained by Aixam, one must look back at the long line of happy customers which have been satisfied with their Aixam vehicles over the years. Whether it be a 35-65 year old enthusiast looking to add a little flair to the day, or someone who is looking for performance and reliability in something lightweight but powerful, Aixam has forged a unique place for itself in the world of luxury automobiles. It has been over three decades since Aixam opened its doors, offering an alternative choice to customers. But all during this time, they have stayed true to their original vision, creating vehicles which combine innovation and performance. Today, Aixam remains the perfect combination of power, safety, style and value for money. With a respected and growing presence in motorists’ lives, Aixam are sure to remain the ultimate choice in their class for many years to come.

Which Aixam for which budget?

Which Aixam for a low budget?

Are you an enthusiast of vintage cars? Or are you perhaps passionate about motorsport but with a limited budget? If you’re looking for a car that has impressive features and a low budget, then you need to look no further than Aixam. Aixam is a French car manufacturer and importer of mini-cars that has been in business since 1983. As one of the first car manufacturers to enter the low-budget automobile sector, the company is renowned for its strong reputation in the industry. Built with superior craftsmanship and excellent engineering, these French cars offer durability and performance, as well as meeting the highest safety standards. The Aixam range has something to offer to every budget, from the stylish, 500 series such the Aixam 500, to the Crossover family of vehicles that includes the Aixam Mega Crossover. No matter which Aixam model you choose, they are all made from the same reliable components with a well-crafted interior finish. The technology assigned to all Aixam cars is top-notch. For instance, Aixam’s stop&start system improves fuel consumption by switching off automatically when idling (at stop lights, for example). This feature also reduces CO2 emissions and noise pollution. Besides, these vehicles feature a powerful electric boost and an automatic transmission which, combined, make for an easy driving experience that anyone can enjoy. These cars have been designed to provide a high level of comfort and security. All Aixams are fitted with stylish and comfortable interiors which include leather upholstery and airbags for extra security. The outstanding road grip makes these cars even more safe and encourages an easy and agile drive each time. Each model of Aixam comes with an impressive amount of customization options, allowing you to customize the car to your personal needs and taste. Moreover, all of these cars have a wide range of accessories to choose from, making them even more stylish. Buying a car doesn’t have to mean despair and penny-pinching if you choose an Aixam from the range of low-cost vehicles. This company brings the most sophisticated elements of luxury to budget travelers and environmentalists alike. If you’re looking for a car that brings together comfort, safety, performance and style while keeping within a reasonable budget, then the Aixam range of cars is the perfect choice.

Which Aixam for a medium budget?

Gaining access to a vintage car has never been more exciting and with Aixam now available for a medium budget, the possible options are endless. Producing elegant classic cars since 1983, Aixam has rapidly become a leader in the classic car market and its cars are a staple of motor racing, motorsport events and anytime you want to ride in style. Not just an eye-catching luxury item, the vehicles are fun to drive and the powerful engines, reliable and well-built chassis, and the huge range of styles mean that there’s an Aixam car for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the exhilaration and freedom that comes with a passionate drive in a classic car or just something to ride with palpable panache, Aixam cars are an investment that’s well made, for an affordable price. Aixam cars are also ideal in all weather conditions; rain, snow or sun, that don’t affect the appeal of the cars. In addition to providing a retail consumer experience, Aixam also offers a buyer-industry partnership program which provides discounts and complimentary features for larger vehicle purchases. Mechanically advanced and classically appealing, the Aixam-Simca range of vehicles bring a whole lot of comfort, timeless quality, style and safety to the user. The company has put in great efforts to make sure its cars speak to all kinds of customer's needs, whether that involves safety, practicality or simply cruisin’ around as part of your passion for classic cars. Manufactured to exacting standards, Aixam owners enjoy an ability to make unique modifications to each car that also include custom body work, trim, and interior design, power steering, upholstery, and alloy wheels. With a dedicated focus to technology, comfort and driving manoeuvability, every single Aixam car has an affordable price tag and style all the affluent people between 35 and 65 years old will surely love. Take your passion for vintage cars to the next level and treat yourself to the pleasure of owning an Aixam by taking advantage of their affordable deals with a medium budget. You’ll undoubtedly love every minute of driving this amazing example of French style. Experience the classic car driving passion today with the Aixam for a medium budget.

Which Aixam for a high budget?

The Aixam car – a Passionate Big Budget Investment Are you a vintage car enthusiast? Maybe you have a passion for motorsport? No matter the reason, if you have a high budget and are looking for a show-stopping automobile, Aixam is the brand for you. Aixam have become known in recent years as a provider of finely-crafted vehicles with engines that hold their own against bigger brands. Owners and lovers of the Aixam will tell you that this is a car with unique and powerful features that will stand out from other vintage cars. Built for highways, country roads, mountains, and any terrain of your choosing, the Aixam thrives in difficult conditions and is well known for being reliable and customisable. The experienced team at Aixam have been crafting these fine machines for thirty plus years. Their unwavering passion is at the heart of every Aixam, and it shows in their unmatched performance, durability and unique styling. Many fans cite Aixams move away from the more industrial aesthetics of earlier units, and focus more on the more traditional style they provide as a refreshing sight among conventional four-wheeled vehicles. Many users also tell of the excellent customer service on offer from Aixam – an often overlooked but essential factor in considering the purchase of a vintage vehicle. Knowing that they can depend on the Aixam professionals when they need to gives customers confidence that this is the right investment for them. For those looking to fulfill their passions for a luxurious yet affordable vintage car, the Aixam car provides a top-of-the-range experience at a fraction of the cost that other brands offer in this price range. Whether you’re hunting for the perfect motorsport engine, or just wanting to enjoy the ride on your own, Aixam can provide the dream set-up for you. Affluent users aged 35 to 65 will find the Aixam to be perfect for all their needs. Not only do you get that unequalled performance that separates the Aixam from the other vintage cars, but you also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have customer service to back you up if any problems arise. When considering your big-budget investment into your automotive dreams, Aixam should be at the top of your list. Not only do you have access to thirty plus years of fine craftsmanship and superior quality, but you can drive your way with confidence, knowing that you are in the secure hands of a true and trusted brand.

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