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Story of the Acura creation

Acura is a well-known luxury car brand with an impressive history dating back to the late 1980s. It has come a long way since its introduction in the Japanese domestic market, lasting until the early 2000s, with ambitious revivals thanks to a global market strategy and desirable, technologically advanced innovations. With roots stemming from the Honda Motor Company, Acura brought to life timeless, revolutionary services and craftsmanship through vehicles equipped with incomparable offerings. Acura's success story is an incredible one, beginning in the early 80s when Honda CEO Kiyoshi Kawashima announced a plan to introduce premium models from their vast selection. Partnering with automobile engineers, he named the project ‘Flagship One’ and set the initiative in motion. The first of the Acura series, heralding the brands’ future, was the upscale Integra, powered by Honda’s double-wishbone suspension. It arrived on the Japanese market in the summer of ‘86 and quickly found success. Due to its rapid growth, the brand rapidly expanded, seeking to aim entice a more global audience. Honda responded by producing the flagship Acura, model CDX and the first-generation RDX and MDX in Canada. After finding significant popularity in the United States, Acura's customer demographic was expanding even further, reaching audiences in the Middle East as well. This year, 2021, aptly marks the 35th anniversary for the brand, as it continues to captivate car aficionados and meet the expectations of luxurious yearning. Above all, Acura has summed their history up in four words: Precision Crafted Performance. From the onset of changing the industry and the introduction of power train technology built on hundreds of flamboyant patents, innovative engineering forged a new vision that inspires passionate fans of the brand. Factory-installed suspension systems and debut of next-generation supercar motors were unlikely together yet were brought together in true Acura fashion. Without sacrificing durability or effincacy, models such as the RLX, TLX, and recently released MDX offer new possibilities to drivers as they traverse through their thrilling journeys. Partially responsible for Acura’s success is their notable efforts to develop electric-hybrid driven cars with even stricter environmental standards than those mandated by the Japanese government. Acura’s continued pursuit of precision craftsmanship and commitment to optimal performance without sacrificing their eco-friendly approach has distinguished their line in the motoring industry. At the core, Acura is inspiring a generation of discerning car enthusiasts, incentivizing a financial investment in quality by reinventing the automotive industry forevermore. Constructed from resilient, impressively advanced manufacturing and engineering, the unyielding commitment to sustainability through electricity-powered racing champions such as the World Touring Car Championship driver-assist race series, Acura is the unrivaled leader of the curve. Whether longtime enthusiasts or aficionado in the making, Acura has something for everyone to appreciate, captivating even the most affluent car aficionados between 35 and 65.

Story of the Acura models

When it comes to the Japanese manufacturer Acura, luxury is the name of the game. With an impressive lineup of vintage to contemporary cars that harbor an undeniably elegant design and high endurance, Acura makes a compelling case as one of the top contenders in the luxury car manufacturing industry. Whether it be the classic Legend or the performance-based NSX, Acura's offerings are sure to appeal to any car enthusiast or affluent older adult looking for the classic elegance of a high-end luxury car. The Legend, by far the most popular series from Acura, features generations of finely crafted beauties, from the first generation model (1985 to 1995), with its integration of advanced technology and attractive coupes, to the second generation which brought a bolder and more handsome exterior design. There's also the Type-S which, for enthusiasts in search of nothing less than the pinnacle of power, provided an incredible 290 horsepower, making it one of the most thrilling driving experiences in the entire auto industry. When it comes to performance, Acura set the stage by introducing the thrilling NSX in 1990, standing by its commitment to provide a well-rounded performance experience, with the combination of power, finesse and sheer attitude in the form of a powerful yet complex engine, inspired exterior design, and an elegant interior that blend together to transform your typical luxury vehicle into something of a high art masterpiece. It's a task that NSX repeatedly achieves, with its distinct look and undeniable power that captivate both auto enthusiast and extravagance-seeking adult alike. Above all, Acura's legacy in the luxury car design remains strong. Its combination of traditional Japanese aesthetics and modern luxury building leads to the kind of annual releases that epitomize the idea that there really isn't a bad Acura model. Whether you're seeking a high-end vintage look in the Legend, an adrenaline-filled driving experience in the NSX, or just a classic car for sheer comfort in the form of one of the current RSX models, you're sure to be more than satisfied when it comes to Acura's diverse lineup of options for your every automotive need. With a combination of luxury and power in each of its models, Acura offers something for even the choosiest of tastes.

Story of the Acura in motorsport

As the ultimate example of the potential of the Acura brand, and as an enthusiasm-stirring source of pride, one could hardly look past the Acura motorsport history. Since its introduction in the mid-80s, the manufacturer has built a racing legacy characterized by reliability, durability, and success—All qualities eventually adopted by the brand in its illustrious lineup of production vehicles. It all started with the Acura Integra in 1988, the inaugural model being, shall we say, unconventional for the time. Signature features such as double wishbone suspension, VTEC – Variable Valve Timing, and an impressively upgraded engine, the development team sent shockwaves across the motor racing industry. The powerful combination of the Integra’s race pedigree, spritely exterior, and impressive 90 hp engine caught the eye of the SPEED Energy Indy Lights series and the PGT circuit shortly after.This is how the Acura racing legacy was born, and it solidified the brand’s recognition as a leader in innovation and performance. Through the 1990s, the combined efforts of designers, engineers, and racers gradually transitioned the brand’s iconic engine from a race performance system to a top contender in all aspects of motorsport, from endurance racing to rallying. With a series of projects (such as the NSX R, the MAX Project, and the Interac Le Mans prototype) involving high-tech advances in materials, engine technology and multiple attempts at 24-hour racing dominance, the Acura racing legacy is one of constant reinvention. As the Acura racing legacy matured, it developed into an expansive public movement and began to veer toward production racers, making Acura a firmly established leader in the field of high-performance roadsters. Today, Acura remains an innovation leader in production vehicles, inspiring enthusiasts to test their vehicles and push the boundaries of what is possible. Even today, Acura continues to provide racing enthusiasts with exciting opportunities to showcase the acumen of the manufacturer. From its racing legacy to its public movement and various successful production vehicles, Acura’s motorsport history is an inspirational source of fascination and pride. With decades of career success in some of the toughest realms of speed and performance, Acura remains an authoritative leader in the world of motorsport – and a fittingly lofty example to its vintage, affluent car enthusiast demographic.

Anecdotes about Acura

The car brand Acura has a longstanding and beloved reputation for offering drivers reliable and luxury vehicles. Since its inception, it has also been well known for having an amazing array of unique and fascinating anecdotes to tell. Whether you're a passionate vintage car enthusiast, an avid motorsport enthusiast, or just someone of an affluent background, the tales spun by the Acura companies namesake, the Honda motor company, are sure to capture your heart and imagination for years to come. Doge Nobuhide, original reason for the car brand Acura, was inspired by his astrological influences. An innovative engineer, he believed his work was assisted and motivated by the stars and their auspicious position. Therefore, 'acura' was chosen as his car brand's name to reflect the meaning 'accuracy'. The Latin word for star is Stella, making the full name Alteccura - roughly translated as 'accurate star'. While early Acura models found in the US were largely Honda Accord clones, the brand was inevitably focused more towards the rich and expensive. Early models shared components with other Japanese imports, but the strategy was later altered as the cars grew in size and luxury. Eventually, the company opted for distinctive designs developed specifically for Acura. Development of the first-generation of Acura’s flagship sedan, titled the Legend, marked the heralded transformation of the still nascent car company. With the help of powertrain, transmission, and platform engineering exclusive of the new flagship model, the integration of the luxury sedan became it’s building blocks for success. Another interesting piece of Acura’s heritage with a loyal fanatical following was its halo car, the NSX. Released as a mid-engined powerhouse in 1990, it was a stark contrast to Honda's notorious budget sedan`s and family wagons; a genuine supercar for the masses. Cheerfully unique, the NSX’s lasting design finds itself embraced by car collectors and automotive publications alike and currently sits as the most collectible sports car of the generation. Whether it was the brilliant marketing campaign of 'Precision Crafted Performance' which highlighted that a sports car doesn't need hundreds of horsepower to capture the hearts of automotive enthusiast, or the successful grassroots efforts of many impassioned ones, embracing nostalgia of its debut, rest assured that the Acura's heart-warming anecdotes will make for a story that is welcomed and acknowledges by fans of all ages.

Which Acura for which budget?

Which Acura for a low budget?

Discover cars Acura that fit a Shoestring budget! Looking for a great car that won’t break the bank? Look no further – Acura's selection of cars offer proved performance, head-turning style, and even luxurious appointments that can be had on a shoestring budget. With a range of used models available, you can own one of Acura's luxury vehicles for less than you may think. As a consumer, understanding the value of each used car option on the market is key to getting the absolute best deal. That’s why we’ve done the legwork and evaluated some of the best budget cars you can find from Acura. From the reliable ILX to the elegant TLX, here are some top cars from Acura that offer the features you want – without breaking your bank. For shoppers looking for a reliable sedan, the ILX is a great option. An entry-level Acura, the ILX is known for being dependable, efficient, and elegant. The ride is smooth and composed even on long drives, and it comes standard with driver-assistive safety features like Autonomous Emergency Braking. And while it may not have the same excitement as some other Acura cars, with a price range of around $15,000, it’s an affordable sedan that doesn't compromise on quality. For those who prefer a sportier ride, the TLX is a superb choice. It comes with a surprisingly powerful V6 engine, as well as crisp handling and a smooth ride. The build and finish of the outside features will immediately let you know why it is dubbed the “luxury sedan.” Mixing power, elegance, and style is a hard feat, but Acura pulls it off effortlessly while keeping the price low. The price range is between around $20,000 to $35,000 – an attractive price tag for a luxury sedan of this caliber. If you’re looking for something more versatile, the MDX may be your top choice. This excellent vehicle comes with an interior packed with amenities, as well as standard AWD along with a long list of safety features. It strikes an excellent balance between elegance, performance, and sophistication. You can get pre-owned models of the ever capable MDX for under $25,000. Acura also offers its very own premium hybrid for drivers that want to combine fuel-efficiency with luxury. The NSX Hybrid first debuted in 2011, but stands today as one of most affordable hybrid cars you can buy. With a 3.5L V6 engine that pumps out 550 hp, this car is more than capable of providing excellent performance. The 9-speed dual-clutch transmission makes riding in the NSX Hybrid an absolute pleasure. Our advice: you should consider buying one of these used cars for an affordable range of $60,000. If you are an enthusiast of vintage cars, a collector, motorsport lover, or an affluent person between 35 and 65 – and you don't want to spend too much on a car – Acura has it all. Creating a need to sacrifice has become a thing of the past. With Acura’s extensive lineup of aesthetically pleasing, reliable, and proven vehicles, you can without a doubt find your perfect car match. As always, a good inspection by a professional or mechanic is highly recommended before signing any papers. Shop smartly and get the best used car for your budget.

Which Acura for a medium budget?

Acura automobiles have come a long way, and now they are some of the best vehicles you can get in a medium budget. Whether you're an enthusiast of vintage cars, a motorsport lover, or just an affluent person between the ages of 35 and 65, Acura is a brand you can trust. From coupes and SUVs to sedans and hybrids, there are many Acura vehicles from which to choose. Acura's latest vehicles showcase style and performance, featuring turbo drivers for powerful acceleration as well as luxury features such as leather interiors, sunroofs, and heated seats. If you're looking for value, the Honda Civic-based ILX, starting at an MSRP of around $26,000, is a great choice. For those who want to step into the world of sports luxury, there's the TLX. Featuring more sport-like driving dynamics, the TLX provides a nimble and responsive drive that will have you smiling the next time you take a corner. Athletic and chic, the TLX shouldn’t be overlooked. Avid SUV lovers should check out the MDX. One of Acura's best-known and most beloved vehicles, the MDXhas long been held in high regard owing to its ability to combine comfort and quality. It features an available hybrid engine, a generous list of creature comforts, and plenty of cargo space. If you need to squeeze a few more passengers into the mix, the seven-passenger RDX provides luxury comfort — with a big emphasis on the luxury. No matter what your automotive needs may be, there's almost guaranteed to be an Acura model that works for you. Whether it's a sophisticated sedan or a powerful SUV, Acura has a ton of options that will add a touch of class and excitement to your driving. So, don't wait — seize the idea you want to experience a luxurious drive and do it in an Acura. You won't be disappointed.

Which Acura for a high budget?

For many vintage car enthusiasts, Acura offers a wealth of exceptional automobiles that seamlessly combine luxurious style with superior performance. Whether you’re hoping to buy a classic sports car from the 1950s, or an all-purpose modern SUV designed to make the most of long roads, you can be sure that Acura has something up their sleeve that won’t disappoint. When considering purchasing the best vehicles that Acura has to offer, it’s important to consider the high-end options. Many Acura cars come with a significant amount of features that require considerable amounts of money to enjoy. From advanced safety technologies to elegant interiors, those in search of high-end Acura automobiles can rest assured in knowing that they receive luxurious benefits that money alone cannot buy. For those who want their independent drive to be both powerful and immaculate, Acura’s high-end sports cars offer unrivalled dynamism and poise. Whether it’s the throwback Chevrolet Corvette or the state-of-the-art Acura NSX, those with a passion for power will be able to find a model that resonates. Equally, Acura’s range of high-end SUVs and sedans provide drivers with a deluxe experience year-round. With leather interiors that feel as though they’ve been crafted in-house, as well as to-die-for entertainment systems, these cars bring comfort and convenience to a whole new level. And with features such as lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control, Acura’s top-performing models ensure safety isn’t overlooked throughout as they cruise. Acura knows that when it comes to purchasing desirable vehicular investments that the demand will last in the long run. This is why dedicated sites, such as, provide buyers with the perfect chance to peruse many of their exclusive models, and remain promised of a contemporary classic on wheels. An epic ride could be around the corner, and Acura is sure to make dreams become real for any passionate car collector. Even for those people seeking older models of Acura automobiles, they are sure to find something remarkable. Antiquarian and collectors present in many certified rendezvous held as far across North America, will most certainly gains access to some of Acura’s top classic models including the Legend and Integra. If you can invest in it, it’s bound to persist as an asset powerful enough to strike fear into prerequisites of other drivers. For those looking for the ultimate in luxury and sophistication, investing in an Acura model is the right choice. For the affluent car buyer over 35 and 65, an Acura car has the potential to provide the most incredible, remarkable driving experience ever. Whether it be a high performance sports car or SUV built for comfort and control, Acura will not disappoint.

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